Anxious much?

Which one should I buy? They all look so beautiful.

Anxious much??

Typical scenario…you walk into a jewelry store, after side stepping the welcome commitee you head towards the jewelry display case to then be further inundated with whether you will be making the correct decision in choosing the right piece of jewelry within your budget. This is just a semi-accurate image of the average jewelry customer.

For hundreds of thousands of years, people have been wearing jewelry, even back then i’m pretty sure it wasn’t the easiest thing to shop for since there are so many options to consider. Interestingly enough, we can all over come our anxiety and become better at buying jewelry if we just take the time to learn and plan.

Here is a list of 5 recommended to do’s to help with jewelry buying anxiety.

1. Choose a piece

As simple and common as that maybe, most people dont know what they are looking for or end up being overwhelmed when they walk into a jewelry store…flashing lights from all the bling I guess. Its always recommended to have a general idea of the piece of jewelry you’d like to buy. This knowledge will not only save you time but also ease your search for the right piece.

2. Budget

Be realistic as to what you can afford and budget accordingly. We are all different and some of us would rather finance instead of paying in full . Its good to keep that in mind when budgeting.

3. Shop around

This should be a common sense thing especially with the vast amount of information at our disposal but surprisingly when it comes to jewelry its not often done. Shopping around will give you a broad range regarding the price you should or would like to pay.

4. Find a jeweler

You might know someone who is in the jewelry industry or a store with a reputable brand. Either way this should be someone you have confidence in, after all this is someone you’ll be handing over your hard earned money.

5. Go home happy

Prior to completing your purchase, be sure to ask any and every question in mind. Most especially questions regarding your piece and anything that may happen to it. This will further enrich your buying experience.

Buying jewelry as with any luxury good should be pleasure filled. Although there are unethical people out there whom may try to sour our overall experience, with the proper due diligence, this is often easily avoided.

Live, Life, Lamour



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