The Midas Touch!!

Many have heard of the great yet fabled king Midas. Whom was endowed with the gift of instantly turning to gold anything he touched. Well unfortunately, thats not that type of story. Gold, unbeknownst to many comes in an array of different colors. This vast array encompasses four of the seven colors of ROYGBIV. Ranging from the typical bright yellow of 24kt ‘pure gold’ to 14kt green/white gold. Yes…i said it, green gold. It may not be as well known as its more popular yellow counterpart, but its still gold nonetheless.

Green gold has a very long history, it was known since 800 BC under the name Electrum, a naturally occurring alloy. Even with such a long history, it has not been able to reach its tipping point. I recall the first time I mentioned green gold to one of my clients, I received one of the strangest looks of my career as a jewelry proffessional. It was the type of look as if I was intentionally misleading them. Instantly when you mention this the initial assumption is that the piece is either fake or very old. In fact the secret ingredient to the greenish tint is a healthy mix silver, 6-10 parts of it to be exact , depending on the proportion of gold carats.  so essentially, 18k green gold would consists of 18k (75%) gold 6k( 25%) silver or 14k GG would have 10k (40%) silver.

Live, Life, Lamour



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