Priceless or Priced less!!

Have you ever come accross an old piece of jewelry that probably is a family hierloom or once belonged to an older family member and you wondered how much it would be worth?

I can see it now, you run to the appraiser with this ring you probably inherited thinking its your ticket to riches. You then meet with the gemologist and he/she takes a quick look at your piece then politely hands it back to you. To your amazement or otherwise dissatisfaction, you hear three words come out of their mouth (and its not I love you), “this is unappraisable”. With the look of disdain on your face, the gemologist tells you that  it would cost too much to appraise this piece being that it doesnt hold much value.

We all have encountered or most of us at least have seen a situation similar to the one above. The fact is that, not all old pieces are worth much of anything. Some of us see these old pieces as something that hold monetary value, but in reality that value maybe more sentimental than monetary.

Unfortunately, this is the way that things are, there are times you may see a nice ruby on your grandmothers ring and think great, Jackpot, im going to pay off my house or the rest of my student loans, but in reality that ruby was actually lab created and not as natural as you assumed. So be wary and approach your excitement with discretion.


Live, Life, Lamour



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