Shine Bright like a diamond!

DIAMONDS1As far as we’ve known and has been marketed to us, we see that diamonds has always been the rock of choice. To many its a symbol of purity, class, and love. Revered as it is, the diamonds history is something that few know or understand.

Diamonds are as some of us already know are the hardest known substance to man. In fact, Most of the diamonds mined today are used for industrial purposes and are not dedicated for jewelry making. Diamonds are actually an abundant mineral, not as rare as we are actually led to believe by traditional marketing.

Although Natural diamonds are popular, as of late, there has been a growing wave towards synthetic diamonds in the jewelry market. Interestingly enough, it has been the Queen of diamonds herself (De Beers) whom has been making more of a push into this direction. Although this move is being received with mixed feelings by the industry, it may make getting your hands on a natural diamond even less accessible.


Live, Life, Lamour




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