Synthetic Diamonds…to be or not to be!

Lab Grown Diamond, G color, VVS1 Clarity!

Lab Grown Diamond, G color, VVS1 Clarity!



Happy 2013 everyone! Today’s blog is regarding the growing wave of colorless synthetic diamonds. This impending wave is being received in the industry with mixed feelings. Set to debut this January at the Continental Buying Group’s show in Dallas, Texas and the American Gem Trade Association’s GemFair the following month in Tucson, a line of synthetic engagement rings will be set with center stones between ½ and 1 carat.

Chatham is just one of many companies making announcements about their growing ability to create colorless diamonds in a lab and bring them to market. Over the past few years, diamond-growing technology has improved considerably, allowing producers to emerge with larger sizes of these colorless goods.

I myself don’t like it too much due to a number of reasons which may potentially effect the industry negatively.  Aside from that although the price will only be 25% less making it a bit more affordable to everyday buyers, im abit biased on the issue. my reasons against it are highlighted below.

*The image of owning an actual diamond may deminish, since customers may not have a preference and may make their decision on price alone.

*The rarity of giving a natural diamond may increase exponentially since natural diamond prices may increase.

*It may undermine the reasons that people buy real diamonds.

Besides my sentiments above, could you imagine someone proposing with a synthetic diamond?? not me, the symbolism behind presenting a natural diamond to a future life long partner would be tarnished. Ultimately, the question remains whether a sustainable market for synthetic diamonds will come to fruition.

Live, Life, Lamour