Designer spotlight! Elsa Peretti






Its not often that designers are recognised for their great creativity and contributions to the industry. Some of the greatest designers are hidden in the background of big brand names such as Cartier, Tiffany & Co. and many others. Our featured industry designer spotlights a woman whom has designed some of the greatest treasures of the jewelry industry and she is Elsa Peretti.

Elsa Peretti, an Italian born designer from Florence, has had a long and still flourishing career as a designer. Prior to a career as a designer she was a teacher and a model. Soon after at the age of 28 years old, she began her fruitful career as a designer. Initially  for smaller designers then soon after for a handful of top designers which include Halston, Tiffany & Co, and Giorgio di Sant’Angelo.

The impact of her designs have been so well received that she has had many best sellers for the jewelry houses she has created her works for. With a flair for creating simple, organic and aesthetic designs, she has within her design portfolio a gamut of timeless pieces. Some of the pieces include classics that we’ve all worn at one point of another even if they were knock offs from other jewelers, and some examples are below.






















As of recent, she has extended her partnership with Tiffany & Co. for an additional 20 years. This renewed relationship between the two, would come at a cost of 47.3 million as well as royalties to Tiffany amongst other lucrative little details. A pretty sweet deals for a 72 year old I might say.


Live, Life, Lamour



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