7 Jewelry styling tips to follow!

jewellery-accessorising-tips-glamourWhen accessorising for clothes, the type of jewelry we are pairing with plays an integral part in our look.  All too often, we make certain errors that costs us our  image without even knowing it. Below i’ve highlighted seven important tips that will help guide all of us in properly accessorising for whatever occasion we embark on.

Here are some tips that I  usually go by when accessorising for clothes:

1. Always evaluate what’s appropriate for the occasion. Decide whether it should it be flashy and fun Or just something simple with elegance. Whatever the case, don’t wear anything very large or overly colorful.

2. Be mindful that the color of the jewelry matches the color of the clothing. Its not only just about the look, but it also has to appear that you are fashionably inept.

3. Be sure that colors are complementary (e.g., red and green).

4. Be mindful that some colors are universal and look great with others (e.g., silver, black, gold, white, and brown can be paired with almost anything).

5. Be aware of the neckline of the clothing, this may help determine the length of earrings and whether or not you wear a necklace.

– If you wear a top or a dress with a plunging neckline, you might want to wear a necklace. If it doesn’t show a lot of skin, it won’t be always necessary to wear a necklace; just wear larger earrings.

6. If you have long hair and are wearing your hair down, larger earrings are necessary to help you stand out. Wearing your hair up gives an overall better view of the earrings.

7. Clothing and jewelry should have a certain harmony. This harmony is appealing to the eye, but don’t overdo it.  This also goes for all other accessories (e.g., purses: Its not advised to wear a giant purse with a little black dress. A more tasteful choice would be to go with a small sophisticated clutch instead).

As we all know, not all jewelry was created equal and much of it should not have even made it into stores. Either way have fun with fashion and boycott the ugly stuff along with me!

Happy Styling!!

Live, Life, Lamour



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