Copyrights and Suits!


Its nothing new that in the jewelry industry there are a lot of counterfeiting and copying of styles. Most especially the top selling styles from the biggest names fall victim to this practice, but its a bit odd that this is as common since there is not a shortage of jewelry designers. I have a few assumptions as to why this occurs but its something that is becoming more rampant in the jewelry industry. As a result many of the largest brands are fighting back and the reward from these lawsuits don’t amount to small rewards.

One story in particular is regarding a group of watch brands (Cartier, Lange Uhren (A. Lange & Söhne), Officine Panerai, Roger Dubuis, and Alfred Dunhill) that have filed a lawsuit against  hundreds of websites that sell counterfeit watches. Although the owners of the sites have been contacted on multiple occasions by the brands, they’ve never answered the companies complaints, and were therefore subject to what is termed a default. The outcome of this recent lawsuit ended with a reward of $100 million for the group. Subsequently a court order that also obligates the sites to be disabled within three business days and requires the contents of the defendants’ Paypal accounts to be forfeited to Richemont, and prevents the sites from being indexed on search engines or any social network sites.

Richemont senior digital and intellectual property counsel Stacey King said that most of the sites more than likely originate in China, and sell identical pieces “so similar to genuine [Richemont watches] that it’s likely [consumers] could be deceived.”

Although a positive outcome for Richemont this time around, it still doesn’t guarantee that this will slow down or cease any future cases from occurring.

Live, Life, Lamour



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