Tip of the week!


The tip of the week is regarding the proper cleaning and caring of emeralds.

Although a hard stone, emeralds can chip easily. Therefore special care should be given when handling and wearing such a stone. You should protect your emerald from hard knocks or blows. It should never be soaked in an organic solvent such as gasoline, xylene, thinner, or substances containing these substances. Since emeralds are treated with oils, these substances may slowly dissolve the oil from the stone and in some cases the stone’s color could be weakened. If this should happen, the emerald must be treated or retreated by your jeweler.

Emeralds are not necessarily endangered by ultrasonics, however if the stone is put in a hot ultrasonic cleaner (which is never recommended) it must be only for a very short time. To clean simply rub the emeralds with a soapy brush , then rinse with cool water and dry. Otherwise you may wish to spray the stones with a window cleaner and then wipe them off. If the dirt on the stones cannot be removed with a cloth, try using a toothpick. Sometimes professional cleaning is a must and for this see your jeweler every few months with confidence.

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