Designer Spotlight! Elie Top


Meet mister Elie Top, the 35-year-old designer behind some of the most fantastic and over-the-top jewelry. As one of fashion’s  fastest-rising stars, one of the industries best-kept secrets is now finding himself at the top as his name precludes.

Since beginning his career over a decade ago as a freelance illustrator for one of the biggest names in the industry, he has transferred much of his unique design concepts to the tops of the industry such as Lavin, YSL and many more. Although highly recognized for his work, many in his place would not have been as grounded as he is.

With an eye and flair for design, Mr. Top said that “An interesting challenge for me is to reinterpret overused clichés like the flower, the serpent or the butterfly, and try to create something completely new.” When asked in a recent interview about what Mr. Top is brewing next for the spring, Mr. Top has told us that he plans to blended contemporary aesthetics with tribal influences, tempering the mix with a dose of Greek mythology.

In the upcoming year, Mr. Top has plans to start his own brand of jewelry. His intends on developing a line of semiprecious jewelry which emphasizes design rather than material. “I want to create pieces that are stand-alone objects,” he said. “I also want my name to exist.”

As a designer, I happen to like Mr. Top’s creative style. Here are some of the seen yet not often noticed designs of Mr. Top.









Live, Life, Lamour



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