Cool Fashion Watches

I admit, I am a fashion watch fiend. I think I like watches more than any other piece in my jewelry arsenal. What intrigues me about a fashion watch is the fact that its a perfect blend between eye candy and the functionality of a watch. In other words, you look good telling time!  Today’s post is of course about some of the best looking fashion watches that i’ve come across and some that I own.

This watch below is one of the many watches made by AARK Collective. It comes in many different colors ranging from Classic grey lead to classic white peach. They are Aussie and you can purchase this watch on their site by simply clicking here.





These beauties below are the brain children of Karl Lagerfield. The one that peeks my interest the most is the one in the middle. The band alone makes me want to get it. Its the type of watch that makes you want to stop and just tell someone the time just to show it off.


I hope these few beauties were to your liking. Be sure to peruse and give some suggestions of cool watches that you think should make my short list.

Live, Life, Lamour


peaceBOMB-Jewelry for a cause



Every now and again, while perusing through the shops and internet, I come across a jeweler or jewelry concept that absolutely floors me. Today’s featured concept is made by Elizabeth Suda of project peaceBOMB. Whats impressive about Suda is she has found a way to create a political statement with jewelry. Suda, a New York City-based jewelry designer created the peaceBOMB line made from bomb debris remaining from the Vietnam War. Consumers who are interested in supporting the line are able to “buy back the bomb” for only $20, which is the online purchase price of a single bracelet which clears 3 meters of bomb-littered land in Laos. Recently she has added new pieces, including hand cast charm necklaces, and many other interesting pieces to her line.

Peacebomb is the first collection and the beginning of a story. The name peaceBOMB describes exactly what their jewelry is: peace made from bombs. It is about taking a constructive approach toward a negative act for a brighter  future.

Today, they are developing more artisanal products that tell stories and give back with Article 22 of the UN UDHR as the underlying ethos of each mission driven collection.

below are some intriguing pieces from their vast collection.




If this jewelers story moves you, I urge you to support her cause.


Live, Life, Lamour,





Diamond Heist of the Year!!

Today’s post is something that would seem a scenario taken directly out of a movie.   This past Tuesday, it is believed that a group of professional criminals pulled off a once in lifetime multi-million dollar diamond heist that took place last Monday night at Brussels Airport.

According to sources, two vans carrying eight men burst through a fence surrounding the airport’s perimeter and drove up to a Brinks van, which has just finished loading diamonds onto a Swiss passenger flight bound for Zurich.

The men, who reportedly were dressed as police and armed with machine guns, then stole 120 parcels of rough and polished diamonds. The Antwerp World Diamond Center (AWDC) valued the diamonds at $50 million, though some Belgian news reports have it as high as $467 million.

Although there were no shots fired during the armed robbery, which took less than five minutes. The men, who were described as “well prepared” for the heist, then escaped. Prosecutors told sources that they could not yet comment on who owned the diamonds.

In a statement issued Tuesday, by AWDC spokeswoman Caroline De Wolf said the Antwerp community was shocked by the brutal heist given the highly secured nature of the city as a diamond hub.

“We find it hard to understand how a robbery such as yesterday’s heist could take place. We are currently awaiting the results of the investigation but we do fear the damage for Antwerp, the world’s leading trade center, is significant,” she said. “We choose to transport goods via airplane, precisely because of the safe and controlled nature of this means of transportation. We do hope additional security measures can be put in place in order to safeguard a fluent and safe transport of diamonds.”

Antwerp remains one of the world’s leading hubs for the import and export of polished diamonds. Figures released last month by the AWDC place the city’s export value for both rough and polished stones in 2012 at $26.7 billion. Imports totaled $25.2 billion.


Live, Life, Lamour,


Night at the Oscars!

This years Academy Awards was one of the few nights of the year when Hollywood’s hottest get the opportunity to show off their best.  As boring as red carpet shows can be with the small talks, interviews, and  occasional chit-chat, a start can absolutely steal the show before it even begins.  Star that get a red carpet outfit that stands out,  make it all worthwhile and impeccable jewelry is the icing which turns an actress into a brilliant movie star.  Although there are numerous criterion’s for choosing the best jewelry at awards shows, in my opinion, they have nothing to do with who wore the biggest jewelry nor does it have anything to do with who had the worst case of jewelry. Frankly, the best jewelry choice is one that complements the actress’s dress, personality style and age.  Here is my short list of the best Oscar 2013 jewelry:

1. Zoe Saldana looked lovely in an Alexis Mabille Couture dress, Neil Lane jewelry, Roger Vivier shoes, and a Salvatore Ferragamo clutch.


2. Jennifer Lawrence was radiant in an age appropriate Chopard briolette diamond necklace.


3. Catherine Zeta-Jones looked stunning in her elegant dropped earrings.


4. Jennifer Aniston sporting some Fred Leighton jewelry pieces added some flair to her plain gown. She picked out a matching red Salvatore Ferragamo clutch to add some touch .


5. Jennifer Garner’s couture Gucci dress perfectly complimented with Neil Lane flashy Hollywood jewelry made of mediocre quality diamonds, but the style of the necklace still complements.


Live, Life, Lamour,


5 Cool Jewelry Tips!!


Happy Friday!! Today’s Jewelry tip involves a bit of creativity and hint of some insanity! the jewelry tips below are some of my latest top 5 that I have either come across and like or perceive as in line with some of the trends of our time.

1. Buy what pleases you!
If you’re out shopping and something catches your eye instantly, trust your instincts. Your first reaction is powerful and usually your best reaction. For instance, I know I really like a piece when I feel and say to myself  ” Wow, I want that.” If you love it, then buy it. You’ll love it every time you put it on.

2. Less is often more.
Recently many jewelers have been recommending wearing bolder, larger pieces that are  color-intensive. Try checking your jewelry collection for dramatic pieces. Then wear only one or two at a time: such as an oversized cocktail ring or drop earrings. Whatever you decide, be sure that it makes an impression.

3. Seek versatile pieces.
A long necklace with a clasp can be worn several ways: as a single strand, as a triple strand choker, and even as a bracelet.

4. Snip that layered gold chain
The trend is moving more towards ‘statement’ jewelry that standout. Maybe it’s that dramatic medallion, or a rich textured chain. If you have a long layered necklace, you can clip off some of the chains to turn it into a solitary piece.

5. Earn a few compliments.
Pay attention to which pieces of jewelry wins you some compliments. If your best friend, or a neighbor, or a stranger compliments you on a necklace, wear it more often. Jewelry is meant to enhance your look. It should catch someone’s attention. Same goes for what you like on other, if you find yourself giving a compliment, remember the piece. You can keep that in mind when shopping for your next one.

Try some of these wonderful tips, I hope they will be worth your while. Besides a bit of experimentation is not that bad.

Live, Life, Lamour


The New Emerald Embassador Mila Kunis

Recently the gemstone miner Gemfields has unveiled their new global brand ambassador Mila Kunis. Which in my opinion just happens to be one of the hottest young actresses in Hollywood.

Wednesday Gemfields announced that the television and movie actress would be the face of the company’s new advertising campaign. The campaign is set to run in some of the most renowned magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair and W. Although this is just one element of their multifaceted  consumer focused campaigns, the company is set to launch their absolute best this year.

Kunis photographed (below) by Mario Sorrenti and styled by Anastasia Barbieri for their recent Gemfields campaign. She is shot wearing one-of-a-kind emerald and ruby jewellery created by six of Gemfields’ designer partners – Alexandra Mor, Amrapali, Dominic Jones, The Gem Palace, Sutra and Fabergé, the latter was acquired by Gemfields earlier this year.



Kunis recently returned from Africa where she toured Gemfields mine in Zambia, Kagem, which produces about 20 percent of the world’s emeralds. Accompanied by Gemfields Chief Executive Harebottle, the actress learned about the company’s mining practices and visited Gemfields-sponsored community projects, including schools and a farming cooperative.

“While in Africa, I learned that the entire journey that each Gemfields stone takes is carefully considered and that the environment and the local communities where its mines are located are held in the highest regard,” Kunis said.

“I truly believe in Gemfields’ mission of ethical mining, and I absolutely have fallen in love with the rarity, beauty and history of emeralds.”

From this campaign and others, there is a true sense that emeralds will be making a very large come back. Gemfields positioned itself well with this campaign with Mila Kunis.  A revamped Gemfields website will also launch this spring and Gemfields will also release a large format book on emeralds in 2013.


Live, Life, Lamour




Diamond color scale/engagement advice!

Ever wonder about diamonds and their color scales?? well a friend of mine a few weeks ago asked me for some advice regarding diamond engagement rings. I asked him what type of cut and clarity he was intereted in and he indicated his interest in a VVS1, cushion cut, canary yellow diamond for his wife to be.  It look as if everyone was coveting and talking about fancy yellow and pink diamonds. Interestingly enough, these days many people want these diamonds but I am always astonished at how few people know about the color scale of white diamonds.  Which is basic building block of jewelry connoisseurs my that cannot be overlooked.

White diamonds fall in a D to Z color range with D being the most colorless and Z having the most color. Z colored diamonds are obviously more yellowish or greyish to the naked eye such as the image below, but keep in mind that such diamonds are not considered fancy colors.  Fancy colored diamonds are those that have a more vivid color than Z and have their own color scale.



D color is the most coveted on the color scale because it is considered the purest and most crisp diamond color for a white diamond.  Diamonds in the D-J color range look white from their face-up position.  One can detect yellow in the G-J color range only face down (with the pointed end, called the culet, facing up) looking through the pavilion (looking at a perpendicularly through the longest edge of the diamond).  K, L and M diamonds are yellow or grey face up and face down; any diamond color below M is unmistakably not white.

With this in mind, I advised my friend the engagement ring buyer that it is always wise to go for the highest color that your budget allows for without sacrificing the size you have your heart set on.  Its often that I see so many of the celebrity engagement rings, the 20 carat + whoppers, which are H-J colored and it always boggles my mind and makes me wonder why they didn’t just go for a stunning 5 carat D flawless?  There is nothing wrong with H-J colored diamonds mind you, but if it’s within your budget, who  in their right mind would want 20 mediocre carats when you can have 5 pristine carats of diamond for the same price?  Warped priorities make for bad investments.

Since my friend was looking to simulate the look of a yellow diamond on a restricted budget, I advised him to look for an X, Y or Z color but make sure the clarity is VS1 or better.  SSHHH!! It’s a sneaky little loop-hole, I know ;-).

Essentially, you are buying a diamond that looks yellow to the naked eye and if you have an excellent jeweler (which you should), he or she can make it look more vivid yellow with a clever setting thus giving you the look of a fancy colored diamond for considerably less.  Keep in mind though that an X, Y or Z color is not a fancy colored diamond so while it may look marvelous after it’s set, it is not going to retain value as well as an actual fancy colored diamond.  Why VS1 clarity or better?  Because a diamond in the lower color ranges that also has poor clarity is just a shoddy diamond.  If you are going to sacrifice color for an intended effect, you have to make up the difference in clarity and symmetry in order to retain some aspects of the diamond’s fire and brilliance, otherwise you’re just buying an unattractive diamond.

Hope this was helpful to all of my engagement ring buyers out there.

Live, Life, Lamour,