Tip of the week!

This weeks All About Jewelry tip of the week revolves (literally) around rings.


When it comes to the subject of rings, I believe that most people should have at least three rings in their jewelry arsenal: engagement being the first, wedding following, and finally fashion as the icing on the cake. The first two maybe considered as casualties of budget and peculiar taste. The third on the other hand should be a matter of fun and excitement. What I mean by that is that it should be a vivid expression of you for instance the cuff, which is a fashion ring that’s bold and makes a statement. It should also correctly represent what it is — in other words, it shouldn’t pretend to be an Alexandra’s 60-carat cocktail ring when its not. Be proud, flaunt the fakeness!

What to look for in a cocktail ring:

1. Look for rings with a principal stone. The ring should have only one large principal stone. If the ring has other stones, then they should complement and not distract from the principal stone.

2. Avoid cubic zirconia. Unless all your trying to do is “fake it until you make it”, then take a pass on the cz. The main reason is being that they tend to make the cocktail ring look too gaudy ( thus cheaper).

3. Choose dark colored gemstones. They tend to work well with fall wardrobes. Also, for some reason, the lighter semi precious stones tend to be copied the most. I’m sure its cause the real deal is too expensive.

Here are some nice examples:


This is a magnificent Charmeuse verte ring , one of my favorites from Faberge. It and more like it can be seen here.


This is another Faberge creation, the Alix Spinel ring which can be access on the link above as well.


Lastly this is a very nice Carol Brodie ring.  Which can be found here.

Hope this was an enjoyable tip of the week!

Live, Life, Lamour



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