Accentuated Jewelry styles

As the new year rolls out with its slew of awards shows celebrating excellence in movies, television and music, I couldn’t help but take a keen eye to the red-carpet veterans. This was done to put into focus the hottest trends in platinum jewelry for the season.

Stylists and jewelry experts, took the major trends exhibited on the red-carpet.The main jewelry styles accentuated were primarily drop earrings, statement necklaces, color, and stacked bracelets.

Scroll down to see the trends.

1.Crazy for color. As of  late, there’s been a growing trend towards celebrities wearing colored gemstones. When gems are very intense in color and you don’t want that color changed, its usually advised to set them into platinum in order to avoid any lost in the stones brilliance. Color has the affect of allowing for alternatives in looks based on season and year.



2. The statement necklace. For sometime now,  the statement necklace haven’t been as pronounced on the Hollywood scene as it has now, but as recent as the past three awards shows i’ve seen more than my average share of statement necklaces.  This type of necklace is bursting with class and just accentuates the bearer.



3.Stacked up. The multi- stacked looked is really big once again, and when you’re stacking metal on metal, its durability alone screams that the pieces are going to be worn well.diambgl

4.Earrings, drop em’ like it’s hot. its nothing new about the major fascination with earrings. They do what they’re meant to do, which is to draw attention to the face, and big statement earrings do this. The different colors give women the opportunity from a fashion-ability standpoint to contrast her eyes or lip color with which ever gemstone she desires.



People are gravitating continuously with an overall mindset for quality, and if you’re going to have a major piece created,  you will want the best of materials being used for it.  When I’m advising clients,  in colored gemstones or diamonds,  I am usually looking at the trendiest of high-end jewelry out there.


Live, Life, Lamour










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