5 Cool Jewelry Tips!!


Happy Friday!! Today’s Jewelry tip involves a bit of creativity and hint of some insanity! the jewelry tips below are some of my latest top 5 that I have either come across and like or perceive as in line with some of the trends of our time.

1. Buy what pleases you!
If you’re out shopping and something catches your eye instantly, trust your instincts. Your first reaction is powerful and usually your best reaction. For instance, I know I really like a piece when I feel and say to myself  ” Wow, I want that.” If you love it, then buy it. You’ll love it every time you put it on.

2. Less is often more.
Recently many jewelers have been recommending wearing bolder, larger pieces that are  color-intensive. Try checking your jewelry collection for dramatic pieces. Then wear only one or two at a time: such as an oversized cocktail ring or drop earrings. Whatever you decide, be sure that it makes an impression.

3. Seek versatile pieces.
A long necklace with a clasp can be worn several ways: as a single strand, as a triple strand choker, and even as a bracelet.

4. Snip that layered gold chain
The trend is moving more towards ‘statement’ jewelry that standout. Maybe it’s that dramatic medallion, or a rich textured chain. If you have a long layered necklace, you can clip off some of the chains to turn it into a solitary piece.

5. Earn a few compliments.
Pay attention to which pieces of jewelry wins you some compliments. If your best friend, or a neighbor, or a stranger compliments you on a necklace, wear it more often. Jewelry is meant to enhance your look. It should catch someone’s attention. Same goes for what you like on other, if you find yourself giving a compliment, remember the piece. You can keep that in mind when shopping for your next one.

Try some of these wonderful tips, I hope they will be worth your while. Besides a bit of experimentation is not that bad.

Live, Life, Lamour



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