peaceBOMB-Jewelry for a cause



Every now and again, while perusing through the shops and internet, I come across a jeweler or jewelry concept that absolutely floors me. Today’s featured concept is made by Elizabeth Suda of project peaceBOMB. Whats impressive about Suda is she has found a way to create a political statement with jewelry. Suda, a New York City-based jewelry designer created the peaceBOMB line made from bomb debris remaining from the Vietnam War. Consumers who are interested in supporting the line are able to “buy back the bomb” for only $20, which is the online purchase price of a single bracelet which clears 3 meters of bomb-littered land in Laos. Recently she has added new pieces, including hand cast charm necklaces, and many other interesting pieces to her line.

Peacebomb is the first collection and the beginning of a story. The name peaceBOMB describes exactly what their jewelry is: peace made from bombs. It is about taking a constructive approach toward a negative act for a brighter  future.

Today, they are developing more artisanal products that tell stories and give back with Article 22 of the UN UDHR as the underlying ethos of each mission driven collection.

below are some intriguing pieces from their vast collection.




If this jewelers story moves you, I urge you to support her cause.


Live, Life, Lamour,






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