Cool Fashion Watches

I admit, I am a fashion watch fiend. I think I like watches more than any other piece in my jewelry arsenal. What intrigues me about a fashion watch is the fact that its a perfect blend between eye candy and the functionality of a watch. In other words, you look good telling time!  Today’s post is of course about some of the best looking fashion watches that i’ve come across and some that I own.

This watch below is one of the many watches made by AARK Collective. It comes in many different colors ranging from Classic grey lead to classic white peach. They are Aussie and you can purchase this watch on their site by simply clicking here.





These beauties below are the brain children of Karl Lagerfield. The one that peeks my interest the most is the one in the middle. The band alone makes me want to get it. Its the type of watch that makes you want to stop and just tell someone the time just to show it off.


I hope these few beauties were to your liking. Be sure to peruse and give some suggestions of cool watches that you think should make my short list.

Live, Life, Lamour



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