Women, should they propose or not?

I’m not sure if its only me but, why is it that women don’t initiate the engagement to be married with a diamond ring tailored for their men? Why do men on tradition and generally make the proposal?
As tradition stands, it is the woman who takes on the role on finally deciding between the union of the two. The man initiates the request and leaves the final decision up to her. However, although it is only symbolic, we generally know it is women who call the shots. With this in mind, I have always wondered why women don’t bother asking. Since the woman is already the one who makes the decision, why shouldn’t she initiate the request to take her hand in marriage?

Women already take on many other roles which were at one time or another considered non- traditional. There has also been many women who have fought tooth and nail, shed blood, and have been side by side with men in wars.

I know I may receive a lot of flack from serious opposition on this matter since we’re so hinged on tradition. But the fact is that today fancy colored diamond men’s rings have begun to attract a lot of attention. Below are a few select examples.




I deal with hundreds of male customers who are preparing for the most important moment of their lives, but it is usually for the women’s engagement ring. I can’t help but wonder how rarely I hear from women looking to design the perfect men’s engagement ring, perhaps it should be the women presenting him with a diamond engagement ring? What do you think?

Please feel free to leave your thoughts and comments.

Live, Life, Lamour



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