The Tie Pin!

Today’s post is on the hopeful resurgence of the tie pin, which like most things,  has had a varying span of popularity with experiences of peaks and valley. The use of tie pins (clips) gained prominence during the roaring 20’s, during which as we all know was a period where most men wore mostly suits and ties. During this period, straight ties were made of delicate materials such as silk which became more fashionable and in practically no time at all, they largely came to replace the more traditional ties made of non silk material.

As a clothing and jewelry accessory, tie pins are used to clip a tie to the underlying shirt front, which prevented it from swinging and ensuring that the tie hung straightly, resulting in a neat, uniform appearance. Hence the reason it was allowed to be worn by servicemen and women in the United States military, thus making it one of the few items of jewelry allowed to be worn.

The great aspect of tie pins of the time is that they weren’t just straight clips as we frequently see many of the today. They came in many assorted designs and were truly objects of  expression and statement pieces as with most jewelry pieces. Although many will critique to say that a tie pin is meant to be simple, I beg to differ and I believe its meant to hold duel function and be a piece that is both practical and expressive. Below are some of my favorite tie pins and of course if ever interested, the link to attain them.




Very unique bicycle or skull tie pin from our friends at which can be purchased here.




Skull and bones, 3bar, and red tie bar, which all can be purchased here.


Lastly AK47 tie pin which can be purchased here.


As we can see, tie pins come in varying colors, shapes, and sizes. Hopefully these varieties have peaked your interest into wearing and perhaps propelling back the once viral fashion trend.


As always, Live, Life, Lamour,






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