Handmade Murano glass jewelry

The origins of jewelry glass making dates back to 12th century-Venice,  this technique gained its popularity back to the times of the Roman Empire when molded glass was used for illumination in bathhouses. The raw Blend of the Roman experience with the skills learned from the Byzantine Empire and trade with the Orient, Venice emerged as a prominent glass-manufacturing center as early as the 8th century. Fast forward to the 20th century where through continuous trade and improvement on techniques, the master glass-makers of Murano were still reproducing classical styles and rediscovering ancient techniques, which was evident at Murano and Venice Exhibition of Choice Glass and Glass Objects staged in 1895 inside Murano City Hall.

From the 20th century up until today, the techniques of glass-makers have been refined to become what it is today. The magnificent appearance and coloring of Murano glass now a day’s are achieved through adding gold or silver foil to the glass mixture and adding minerals such as zinc for white, cobalt for blue, manganese for violet. Once the jewelry piece is finished, it is placed in a cooling oven, called “tempera”, to cool down slowly; in this way it doesn’t break due to the extreme variations in temperature.

Today many jeweler’s through inspirations from universal sources and art have been able to create some very contemporary and fashion forward jewelry pieces. We have been fortunate to be able to bring to you some featured pieces from such jeweler’s which have had the opportunity to become known by media outlets globally. Below, I’ve featured some wonderful pieces from Hilary London and Pasionae.





Many of these wonderful pieces and more can be acquired directly from Hilary London’s site by clicking here.







These breath taking Pasionae pieces can all be viewed and acquired here.

As with anything, Murano glass jewelry may require a certain taste and appreciation to both jewelry and art as a whole. They are all unique and generally no two pieces will be identical in nature. Any Murano piece is sure to attract some attention and simultaneously be unique,  hence the reason it would be a great addition to your jewelry arsenal.


As always, Live, Live, Lamour,




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