29 Carat excitement


As a jeweler and jewelry blogger, nothing brings about more excitement than the sight of diamonds. I guess it may be a combination of superb marketing or the image of the stones rarity, but overall the fever of diamonds have nonetheless been ingraned in our DNA ‘s as one of the most beautiful stones to acquire. Recently at a Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong, A D color flawless diamond made history when it set a new price per carat world auction record for a round white diamond. This 28.86-carat round brilliant sold for an astronomical $6.9 million, or $239,352 per carat, at the April 8th sale, which was a figure that significantly topped its pre-sale high estimate of $5.8 million. The stone set a new world auction record for primarily its level of clarity and size. To be able to have a diamond of that proportion and still be nearly flawless is rare for diamonds in general.

I honestly can imagine the buyer of this stone wearing this and having armed security around them just for protection in the event someone is brave enough to try and snatch it away from them. Nevertheless for the price paid and its size, it may just end up in a museum somewhere or wealthy individual’s precious lock box for safe keeping. As favorable the previous options may seem, I strongly believe a diamond of this magnitude and  such beauty should be show cased and allowed to breathe. After all whats the point of having an object with such brilliance and not allowing it to shine?


As always, Live, Life, Lamour,



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