Mauro Felter Jewelry

Today’s post  is part of our Designer spot light series. Our designer being spotlighted is Mauro Felter who has grown up in a land choc full of  history in a valley in Northern Italy where the ancient “Camuni” lived.  With a deep influence by both the past and the wonderful nature of his native territory, which has had influence which has brought his artistic career and essentially his creations to life.

His uniqueness in design has accented his jewellery which is strictly hand-made, with its own set of unique features.  Coupled with an eye for style and a strong personality, designing and creativity were determining factors leading to his success. With is works being exhibited in various Italian art galleries and taking part in important exhibitions of art, he has designed and created numerous pieces such as awards for actors, singers and Italian TV stars, as well as international fashion designers of all sorts.

Recently he’s decided to open his exclusive showrooms in an effort to exhibit his best works and collections which he’s conceived:In Vallecamonica, which is an hour’s drive from Milan. As he continues his search for new inspiring solutions through a healthy combination of gold with innovative cut precious stones, pearls and corals, Mauro Felter is sure forge a steady and growing path as a successfull jewellery designer.

Fortunate for us in the states, at the Couture 2013, Mauro Felter brought some of his best inspirations in an essay to make his mark and wow us all. Below, i’ve featured some of his remarkable pieces which are sure to be a great addition to anyone’s jewelry collection.





As always, Live, Life, Lamour,


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