Art Deco Couture

In certain circles of the jewelry industry, there have been pieces that have gone heavy on the gold and they seem to be making a comeback. This major trend is one that was very apparent at the Couture show, with blackened and rose gold pieces in both fashion and bridal particularly prevalent.

Art Deco-inspired jewelry also stood-out, continuing a re-emergence that began a few months ago. Many popular TV shows set in the “Roaring ‘20s,” as well as the release of The Great Gatsby, helped to bring this trend to the mainstream market.

For the second year in a row, many designers have used opals in their jewelry, from large stones in earrings to mosaics in rings, incorporating both Australian boulder and Ethiopian opals.

Many trends are also crossing over at Couture; for example, Art Deco pieces in rose gold with blackened gold with opals.

Below are illustrations of a few major trends from Couture: blackened gold, rose gold, Art Deco and opals.

gmfldsSutra’s 18-karat blackened gold cuff with turquoise and diamonds.


Alberto Parada’s 18-karat blackened gold earrings with lemon topaz and black diamonds ($1,575).


Armenta’s 18-karat yellow gold and oxidized sterling silver ring with boulder opal mosaic, white diamonds and blue sapphires ($2,190).


Michael John Jewelry’s 18-karat black rhodium gold rings feature champagne and brown diamonds and rose-cut diamonds. They were designed for an edgier bride, or for fashion wear. From left: $5,600, $15,000.


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