Growing up were always told that the obvious is usually right in front of us. I knew of things that interested me,  which was just about everything, but I always envied my friends whom unlike me were passionate about a particular “something”. I truly love business for sure and it is my vehicle, but I always knew that something was missing which would be the driver of everything that encompasses me.

In an effort to find this special something, I applied some patience and went ahead to pursue my love for business. After owning a few businesses and a post graduate (MBA) degree in extractive industries, I was fortunate enough to be able to continue searching through world travels.

Interestingly enough, it was a conversation with my best friends father (a Jeweller) that reminded me of something he noticed when he used to show us his new pieces. He jockingly described the glow in my eyes whenever he showed me a new piece, his exact words were “you had the glow like bruce leroy” from The Last Dragon. I reflected on this for a while and then decided to pursue a G.G. (Graduate Gemologist Degree) From Gemological Institute of America.

Elated to finally rediscover my passion, I then founded RLamour jewelry, a jewelry atelier that creates note worthy bespoke pieces and adviser to  private clients from around the world on gemstone investment strategies.

Welcome to my Blog and enjoy,

Live, Life, Lamour




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