The Tie Pin!

Today’s post is on the hopeful resurgence of the tie pin, which like most things,  has had a varying span of popularity with experiences of peaks and valley. The use of tie pins (clips) gained prominence during the roaring 20’s, during which as we all know was a period where most men wore mostly suits and ties. During this period, straight ties were made of delicate materials such as silk which became more fashionable and in practically no time at all, they largely came to replace the more traditional ties made of non silk material.

As a clothing and jewelry accessory, tie pins are used to clip a tie to the underlying shirt front, which prevented it from swinging and ensuring that the tie hung straightly, resulting in a neat, uniform appearance. Hence the reason it was allowed to be worn by servicemen and women in the United States military, thus making it one of the few items of jewelry allowed to be worn.

The great aspect of tie pins of the time is that they weren’t just straight clips as we frequently see many of the today. They came in many assorted designs and were truly objects of  expression and statement pieces as with most jewelry pieces. Although many will critique to say that a tie pin is meant to be simple, I beg to differ and I believe its meant to hold duel function and be a piece that is both practical and expressive. Below are some of my favorite tie pins and of course if ever interested, the link to attain them.




Very unique bicycle or skull tie pin from our friends at which can be purchased here.




Skull and bones, 3bar, and red tie bar, which all can be purchased here.


Lastly AK47 tie pin which can be purchased here.


As we can see, tie pins come in varying colors, shapes, and sizes. Hopefully these varieties have peaked your interest into wearing and perhaps propelling back the once viral fashion trend.


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New Watch Alert HUBLOT!!!

Hublot King Power

Although to many a Hublot may be a new watch, it is a brand that has been around for over 30 years. As it gains recognition from the likes of multimillionaires and stars such as Jay-Z and its newly made ambassador Kobe Bryant, the traction it rightly deserves for its Swiss craftsmanship is quickly starting to grow.  In an effort to celebrate many milestones it has over come this past Thursday night, the Swiss watchmaker held an exclusive party on the rooftop of The Betsy South Beach Hotel in Miami to mark the launch of the King Power “Arturo Fuente” collector’s timepiece series.

The week prior to that, the brand celebrated it’s signing of NBA star Kobe Bryant as its new ambassador at another spectacular rooftop bash at The London Hotel in West Hollywood.

The King Power Arturo Fuente series came about in an effort for Hublot to mark and celebrate the 100th anniversary of the cigar brand of the same name. The custom timepiece, which comes in a humidor with 25 cigars including the rare Opus X, has a HUB4100 movement with a 42-hour power reserve and is available in ceramic or 18-karat “King” gold.

Hublot is making only a few hundred of the cigar watches, and they range in price from $20,000 to $40,000 depending on the model.



Coupled with a very innovative CEO Ricardo Guadalupe and a slew of very well known brand ambassadors such as Kobe Bryant, the Swiss Luxury Watch Brand to make a lot of waves in the industry which may eventually bump some of the well known number one’s of the top watch to have for 2013 list.


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Cool Fashion Watches

I admit, I am a fashion watch fiend. I think I like watches more than any other piece in my jewelry arsenal. What intrigues me about a fashion watch is the fact that its a perfect blend between eye candy and the functionality of a watch. In other words, you look good telling time!  Today’s post is of course about some of the best looking fashion watches that i’ve come across and some that I own.

This watch below is one of the many watches made by AARK Collective. It comes in many different colors ranging from Classic grey lead to classic white peach. They are Aussie and you can purchase this watch on their site by simply clicking here.





These beauties below are the brain children of Karl Lagerfield. The one that peeks my interest the most is the one in the middle. The band alone makes me want to get it. Its the type of watch that makes you want to stop and just tell someone the time just to show it off.


I hope these few beauties were to your liking. Be sure to peruse and give some suggestions of cool watches that you think should make my short list.

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Diamond Heist of the Year!!

Today’s post is something that would seem a scenario taken directly out of a movie.   This past Tuesday, it is believed that a group of professional criminals pulled off a once in lifetime multi-million dollar diamond heist that took place last Monday night at Brussels Airport.

According to sources, two vans carrying eight men burst through a fence surrounding the airport’s perimeter and drove up to a Brinks van, which has just finished loading diamonds onto a Swiss passenger flight bound for Zurich.

The men, who reportedly were dressed as police and armed with machine guns, then stole 120 parcels of rough and polished diamonds. The Antwerp World Diamond Center (AWDC) valued the diamonds at $50 million, though some Belgian news reports have it as high as $467 million.

Although there were no shots fired during the armed robbery, which took less than five minutes. The men, who were described as “well prepared” for the heist, then escaped. Prosecutors told sources that they could not yet comment on who owned the diamonds.

In a statement issued Tuesday, by AWDC spokeswoman Caroline De Wolf said the Antwerp community was shocked by the brutal heist given the highly secured nature of the city as a diamond hub.

“We find it hard to understand how a robbery such as yesterday’s heist could take place. We are currently awaiting the results of the investigation but we do fear the damage for Antwerp, the world’s leading trade center, is significant,” she said. “We choose to transport goods via airplane, precisely because of the safe and controlled nature of this means of transportation. We do hope additional security measures can be put in place in order to safeguard a fluent and safe transport of diamonds.”

Antwerp remains one of the world’s leading hubs for the import and export of polished diamonds. Figures released last month by the AWDC place the city’s export value for both rough and polished stones in 2012 at $26.7 billion. Imports totaled $25.2 billion.


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Designer Spotlight! Elie Top


Meet mister Elie Top, the 35-year-old designer behind some of the most fantastic and over-the-top jewelry. As one of fashion’s  fastest-rising stars, one of the industries best-kept secrets is now finding himself at the top as his name precludes.

Since beginning his career over a decade ago as a freelance illustrator for one of the biggest names in the industry, he has transferred much of his unique design concepts to the tops of the industry such as Lavin, YSL and many more. Although highly recognized for his work, many in his place would not have been as grounded as he is.

With an eye and flair for design, Mr. Top said that “An interesting challenge for me is to reinterpret overused clichés like the flower, the serpent or the butterfly, and try to create something completely new.” When asked in a recent interview about what Mr. Top is brewing next for the spring, Mr. Top has told us that he plans to blended contemporary aesthetics with tribal influences, tempering the mix with a dose of Greek mythology.

In the upcoming year, Mr. Top has plans to start his own brand of jewelry. His intends on developing a line of semiprecious jewelry which emphasizes design rather than material. “I want to create pieces that are stand-alone objects,” he said. “I also want my name to exist.”

As a designer, I happen to like Mr. Top’s creative style. Here are some of the seen yet not often noticed designs of Mr. Top.









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The Pocket Watch!

Rare pocket watch featured at recent Heritage auction. Which sold for more than $15k

Rare pocket watch featured at recent Heritage auction. Which sold for more than $15k









Ever wonder what happened to the classic pocket watch?? I often do, in its hay-day it was such a practical and classy piece of jewellery to have, especially for mens fashion. Evolving from clock-watches, called “Nuremberg Eggs”, which were worn on chains around the neck, this watch eventually took the world by storm. Post this evolution, it was designed to be usually just at an arms length away tucked in its owners jacket pocket attached to a gold rope. During its peak, they were equipped with some very interesting features such as built in compass and glow in the dark capability.

Lasting over 3 centuries from the 16th to the middle of the 19th century, these watches eventually lost their appeal due to eventual changes in mens fashion as well as the increased popularity of wristwatches and subsequently the mobile phone. Although its highly unlikely that these watches will make a strong comeback, it still maintains its aesthetic appeal for even the most modern man.

Here are some images highlighting this watch.






















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Breitling, hero of the wild!

Spencer earlier in the trip.

Spencer earlier in the trip.

This story is one that happened a few months ago, but it still unbelievable that a watch, a Breitling at that,  could have made all of the difference and became a life saving device. It all happened during a hunting trip with Mark Spencer and his two friends in the Alaskan wilderness. After embarking on their 10 day trip, within a few hours they came into some difficulty moving upstream to their camp site. Noticing their difficulty and recalling seeing a group of hunters a few hours back, they decided to turn around and get some help.  Spencer, while on his way down decided to let his friends set up camp on the side of the river as he went alone to look for the hunters they passsed along their way up stream.  5hrs after and with no site of the hunters, Spencer came into some even greater difficulty when his boat got caught by the current and pulled into the bridge abutment that, somehow, tore a hole in the cataraft.

“These boats are very durable. I never in a million years would have guessed it would have ripped,” he said.

After being soaked to the bone with the river’s icy 38-degree water, the hunter was forced to start hiking and opted to set off the Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) on his Breitling watch. Which im sure he was very happy to buy a in 2008 for a handsome sum of $5500. This Breitling, is equipped with a micro-transmitter that broadcasts on the 121.5 MHz aircraft emergency frequency and is activated by simply unscrewing a protective cap and extending a short antenna. The signal broadcasts for about 48 hours and can be heard as far away as 100 miles.

Fortunately for Spencer, about seven hours later, a Blackhawk helicopter rescue crew, picked up the signal and was able to pinpoint his location,eventually lifted him to safety. The timepiece proved to be even more accurate than a hand-held Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) that Spencer had; the PLB was pointing the search team to a location four miles away.

Physically fine, as are his two friends. The group, which was permitted to hunt an assortment of wild animals, managed to bag two large male caribou despite their trip being cut short.

“When I go out in the backcountry, I always think safety,” he said, which is why he chooses to wear his Emergency Mission watch. “You can lose a bag but if it’s on your wrist unless a bear takes your hand off, chances are you are not going to lose your watch.

“It exponentially improves your chances of making it out alive.”

Interested in purchasing it you can simply go here.

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Hello world!

This blog is basically to inform and educate many people about the world of jewelry. To the unknown, this world may seem abit overwhelming. To others mysterious and exhilirating. I am passionate about jewelry as are many others and my ultimate goal is to help others uncover this world as they go through their journey of discovery.


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