Heather Moore Revamps Bridal

Very recently, jewelry designer Heather Moore has taken her personalized jewelry to the next level with a bridal line that includes engagement rings and classic or personalized men’s and women’s stamped bands.

These rings are available in 14- and 18-karat yellow, rose and white and green gold, as well as palladium and sterling silver. White, cognac, yellow, black, and pink diamonds would also be incorporated into the designs.

Tentative price points starts at $600 and, depending on the diamond size, can reach upwards of $7,000, with an average price point of $3,000.

“The bridal line was inspired by the fact that over 12 of my employees have gotten married in the last year, and there are about four more down the pipe,” Moore said. “The conversations around the office in the studio are so fun because everyone is talking about weddings, organizing them, creating a new, defined family … all the love that surrounds those comments is so adorable.



The bridal line launched at the Couture show, took place at an exclusive poolside party held at the Wynn Las Vegas, and the designer said that a lot of her current retailers have already agreed to take on the collection.

What has drawn many retailers is the bridal line’s mix of personalized and non-personalized jewelry which creates options that complement each other. Some of the rings are sold as is while others can be customized with two initials or a date. Some pieces have the full option of personalization, where customers can fill in the blanks.


The great feature of theses rings is that you can collect rings over time as your anniversaries come and go. The designer said that  “It’s simple, yet totally unique to the customer. Some of (the pieces) have beautiful phrases that are typical in a wedding and then we can also do people’s wedding vows, which is so sweet.”


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Say Yes! A love story

After sharing her wonderful love story, a south Florida woman became the proud owner of an $11,000 pair of Erica Courtney earrings. In the story of the ups and downs of her relationship–including her fiancé’s unique proposal–for Jewelers Mutual’s “Everlasting Love” contest winnings went to her.

To enter this unique contest, contestants were asked to share what everlasting love meant to them on the contest’s website between April 30 and May 21. Americans voted on the entries and narrowed the field to just five finalists. Jewelers Mutual and Courtney herself then chose the winner based on creativity, originality, and representation of everlasting love.

Ariela Yasova shared the story of her and her fiancé Matthew’s relationship in a story titled, “For Better or Worse, We’re Always Together.”

The couple’s courtship began as a long-distance relationship, which then followed with a medical crisis–two members of Matthew’s family were diagnosed with cancer–that led them to the realization of just how strong their relationship was.

A short time later, Matthew took his girlfriend on her fist Ferris wheel ride and when the car got “stuck” at the top, Matthew pulled out his cell phone loaded with music which reminded him of his girlfriend Yasova and then proposed. She said yes.

The couple’s story received over 1,700 views on the contest website and 379 votes, enough to make them a top five finalist and eventually be chosen as the contest winner.

The pair said one of the first things they will do with their new earrings is get them insured.


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Engagement ring finder app: The VOW


Wedding and engagement season is soon upon us as the winter fights off its time to roll back. As this season comes into full swing, many eager brides to be anxiously start parousing through different internet jewelry stores and sites with their hopeful future husbands hinting and in search of that fairy tale engagement ring. In this day and age things have taken a slightly different turn in making this arduous and time consuming search more easily through our world of apps. Yes there’s an app for that.

In October 2012, Simon and Nelly Cohen  developed and launched their fledgling engagement ring finder app, The Vow.  When they debuted their app, the cost of creating it amounted to their entire life savings. Luckily for the longtime married couple—co-owners of Cherie Dori and the Diadori bridal lines—their nest egg investment seems to have been well-spent.  The Vow, is currently ranked in the top 50 in Apple’s Top Free Lifestyle Apps—the single most popular diamond, jewelry, and ring-finder app, ahead of the big names Blue Nile, Tiffany & Co., and even Cartier. This app is so popular that it receives roughly 3-4 thousand downloads a day!!

The Vow allows users to survey 120 Diadori bridal engagement SKUs in 3-D, while a GPS feature locates the closest of 350 participating retailers. “We’re not in the middle,” says Simon. Additionally, Diadori rewards users for sharing the app and helping to generate new leads—aka potential ring buyers—by giving points for things like posting pics of favorites to Facebook. The points eventually add up to a prize, such as a cultured pearl necklace. “All we do is uplift the brand of the store [carrying our pieces],” explains Simon.

The Cohens invested in the app after reading research which shows that ­consumers prefer shopping on apps instead of websites. (Shoppers like the speed and convenience of mobile apps, reports a March study from ­Compuware.) Now, the company has a wait list of retailers that want to be involved. “We are combining both worlds, Cyber-shopping and stores ” Simon says.




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Oscar Heyman’s Wow!

Every now and again, I like to feature well known industry jewelers that never loose a love for the art of jewelry. Today’s featured jeweler is Oscar Heyman, for those who don’t know who they are  Ive taken the liberty of writing a brief history of the group of brothers and how they came about from their humble beginnings. Followed by images of some of their most magnificent pieces which I personally find appealing.

Oscar Heyman’s humble beginnings started with their founding brothers who were trained in the  rigorous workshops of one of the industry leaders at the time of Fabergé. Prior to leaving Eastern Europe for New York in 1906 they dreamt of a life of great insurmountable success. Just a few years later three brothers, Nathan, Oscar and Harry got together and started in 1912, what is known a great jewelry company Oscar Heyman. Equipped with their ratified skills, abiding passion for gemstones and an old world approach to gracious customer service, their course was set for them to succeed as a team.

As it has always been, the Heyman Family has run their company flawlessly for three generations, with each generation imparting centuries old skills and technical know-how to the next. Today, members of the second and third generation work side by side with dedicated and skilled employees who continue to create jewelry of the highest standards for connoisseurs, celebrities, and dignitaries around the globe. With such a high standard for their craft, its not wonder that they will continue to provide breath taking jewelry for the twenty-first century and beyond.




125 ROUND DIAMONDS 3.9 cts.


Beautiful Brooch which can be acquired here.


88 ROUND DIAMONDS 1.82 cts.

Delicious gold and platinum pansy earrings which can be acquired here.


357 ROUND DIAMONDS 10.13 cts.

Last but certainly not least, a Yummy gold and platinum fancy diamond necklace which can be purchased here.



Although this is just the tip, actually a snow flake of their vast selection of unique pieces, I certainly hope all these have peaked your interest to at least visit their site and look into them.



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Women, should they propose or not?

I’m not sure if its only me but, why is it that women don’t initiate the engagement to be married with a diamond ring tailored for their men? Why do men on tradition and generally make the proposal?
As tradition stands, it is the woman who takes on the role on finally deciding between the union of the two. The man initiates the request and leaves the final decision up to her. However, although it is only symbolic, we generally know it is women who call the shots. With this in mind, I have always wondered why women don’t bother asking. Since the woman is already the one who makes the decision, why shouldn’t she initiate the request to take her hand in marriage?

Women already take on many other roles which were at one time or another considered non- traditional. There has also been many women who have fought tooth and nail, shed blood, and have been side by side with men in wars.

I know I may receive a lot of flack from serious opposition on this matter since we’re so hinged on tradition. But the fact is that today fancy colored diamond men’s rings have begun to attract a lot of attention. Below are a few select examples.




I deal with hundreds of male customers who are preparing for the most important moment of their lives, but it is usually for the women’s engagement ring. I can’t help but wonder how rarely I hear from women looking to design the perfect men’s engagement ring, perhaps it should be the women presenting him with a diamond engagement ring? What do you think?

Please feel free to leave your thoughts and comments.

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Diamond color scale/engagement advice!

Ever wonder about diamonds and their color scales?? well a friend of mine a few weeks ago asked me for some advice regarding diamond engagement rings. I asked him what type of cut and clarity he was intereted in and he indicated his interest in a VVS1, cushion cut, canary yellow diamond for his wife to be.  It look as if everyone was coveting and talking about fancy yellow and pink diamonds. Interestingly enough, these days many people want these diamonds but I am always astonished at how few people know about the color scale of white diamonds.  Which is basic building block of jewelry connoisseurs my that cannot be overlooked.

White diamonds fall in a D to Z color range with D being the most colorless and Z having the most color. Z colored diamonds are obviously more yellowish or greyish to the naked eye such as the image below, but keep in mind that such diamonds are not considered fancy colors.  Fancy colored diamonds are those that have a more vivid color than Z and have their own color scale.



D color is the most coveted on the color scale because it is considered the purest and most crisp diamond color for a white diamond.  Diamonds in the D-J color range look white from their face-up position.  One can detect yellow in the G-J color range only face down (with the pointed end, called the culet, facing up) looking through the pavilion (looking at a perpendicularly through the longest edge of the diamond).  K, L and M diamonds are yellow or grey face up and face down; any diamond color below M is unmistakably not white.

With this in mind, I advised my friend the engagement ring buyer that it is always wise to go for the highest color that your budget allows for without sacrificing the size you have your heart set on.  Its often that I see so many of the celebrity engagement rings, the 20 carat + whoppers, which are H-J colored and it always boggles my mind and makes me wonder why they didn’t just go for a stunning 5 carat D flawless?  There is nothing wrong with H-J colored diamonds mind you, but if it’s within your budget, who  in their right mind would want 20 mediocre carats when you can have 5 pristine carats of diamond for the same price?  Warped priorities make for bad investments.

Since my friend was looking to simulate the look of a yellow diamond on a restricted budget, I advised him to look for an X, Y or Z color but make sure the clarity is VS1 or better.  SSHHH!! It’s a sneaky little loop-hole, I know ;-).

Essentially, you are buying a diamond that looks yellow to the naked eye and if you have an excellent jeweler (which you should), he or she can make it look more vivid yellow with a clever setting thus giving you the look of a fancy colored diamond for considerably less.  Keep in mind though that an X, Y or Z color is not a fancy colored diamond so while it may look marvelous after it’s set, it is not going to retain value as well as an actual fancy colored diamond.  Why VS1 clarity or better?  Because a diamond in the lower color ranges that also has poor clarity is just a shoddy diamond.  If you are going to sacrifice color for an intended effect, you have to make up the difference in clarity and symmetry in order to retain some aspects of the diamond’s fire and brilliance, otherwise you’re just buying an unattractive diamond.

Hope this was helpful to all of my engagement ring buyers out there.

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Tip Of the week!


Wedding Jewelry Tips!

This weeks tip revolves around most couples favorite events…weddings. Below are a set of tips that will assist any future bride in her quest for perfection.

  1. Choose a necklace that best complements the style of your wedding gown. A diamond solitaire will surely work well with a V or sweetheart neckline, whereas a rhinestone choker or a pearl will look stunning with a strapless bodice.
  2. Be mindful that your hairstyle, necklace and headpiece may play a critical role when deciding the type of earrings you wear. Depending on your hairstyle, the accessory you intend on wearing for example with an up-swept hair style, long earrings with drops will be the ideal option for you. Similarly, small bejeweled hoop earrings or simple studs can complement a decorated veil, tiara or a dramatic necklace.
  3. Your wedding day can also be the perfect occasion for you to wear your family’s jewelry. There are so many creative ways in which you can incorporate your family jewelry into your bridal look, its highly recommended that you take advantage of this.
  4. You can wear your aunt’s diamond earrings, grandmothers pearls, or your mother’s favorite charm bracelet for not only sentimental reasons but also while saving a considerable amount of money.
  5. Most of all Enjoy yourself and choose your complimentary jewelry pieces wisely.

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Special K the Gold Standard

Ever wonder what that K next to the number on your gold jewelry is symbolic of?

Well your not alone because I used to wonder what the heck it was as well. After doing some digging around, actually not that much since we have this wonderful thing called the internet, I found my answer. This special K is the universal acronym in jewelry  lingo for Karat (K) or otherwise know as carat(ct.) for our friends in the UK and Persian Gulf Region. This Karat system is used to inform the jeweler and any would be purchasers of how many parts of gold there is in that particular item.

The origin of the term comes from the Roman Emperor Constantine who during his time decided to mint some 24K gold coins during 309 CE. Im sure during that period the Emperor did this not just because he didn’t want to walk around with gold bars in his pockets, he was the ruler of the land after all.

Below are some ratios of Karat to gold percentages for some clarification:

  • 24 karat (24K) gold is pure gold making it 100%.
  • 18 karat (18K) gold contains 18 parts gold and 6 parts another metal or metals, making it 75% gold.
  • 14 karat (14K) gold contains 14 parts gold and 10 parts another metal or metals, making it 58.3% gold.
  • 10 karat (10K) gold contains 10 parts gold and 14 parts another metal or metals, making it 41.7% gold. 10k gold is the minimum karat designation that can still be called gold in the US.

With this knowledge of Karat, hopefully you’ll be more informed in what your buying or investing in, after all jewelry is an investment. No matter how small of a purchase.

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Anxious much?

Which one should I buy? They all look so beautiful.

Anxious much??

Typical scenario…you walk into a jewelry store, after side stepping the welcome commitee you head towards the jewelry display case to then be further inundated with whether you will be making the correct decision in choosing the right piece of jewelry within your budget. This is just a semi-accurate image of the average jewelry customer.

For hundreds of thousands of years, people have been wearing jewelry, even back then i’m pretty sure it wasn’t the easiest thing to shop for since there are so many options to consider. Interestingly enough, we can all over come our anxiety and become better at buying jewelry if we just take the time to learn and plan.

Here is a list of 5 recommended to do’s to help with jewelry buying anxiety.

1. Choose a piece

As simple and common as that maybe, most people dont know what they are looking for or end up being overwhelmed when they walk into a jewelry store…flashing lights from all the bling I guess. Its always recommended to have a general idea of the piece of jewelry you’d like to buy. This knowledge will not only save you time but also ease your search for the right piece.

2. Budget

Be realistic as to what you can afford and budget accordingly. We are all different and some of us would rather finance instead of paying in full . Its good to keep that in mind when budgeting.

3. Shop around

This should be a common sense thing especially with the vast amount of information at our disposal but surprisingly when it comes to jewelry its not often done. Shopping around will give you a broad range regarding the price you should or would like to pay.

4. Find a jeweler

You might know someone who is in the jewelry industry or a store with a reputable brand. Either way this should be someone you have confidence in, after all this is someone you’ll be handing over your hard earned money.

5. Go home happy

Prior to completing your purchase, be sure to ask any and every question in mind. Most especially questions regarding your piece and anything that may happen to it. This will further enrich your buying experience.

Buying jewelry as with any luxury good should be pleasure filled. Although there are unethical people out there whom may try to sour our overall experience, with the proper due diligence, this is often easily avoided.

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Hello world!

This blog is basically to inform and educate many people about the world of jewelry. To the unknown, this world may seem abit overwhelming. To others mysterious and exhilirating. I am passionate about jewelry as are many others and my ultimate goal is to help others uncover this world as they go through their journey of discovery.


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