Cartier’s Winter Tale

Yet again a marketing success story for Paris-based jeweler Cartier is in the midst as they debut their latest youtube video of their ”Winter Tale” campaign.  Although only being on the site for 4weeks, the video has been viewed nearly 3.5million times. The 1-minute, 45-second video, shows two panther cubs playing hide and seek in the snow amid some of Cartier’s watches, bracelets, rings and other gifts, which are packaged in the brand’s signature  brilliant red box. Some of the items in the video are part of various collections which make up their winter tale.

I must admit, it is a video that involved alot thought and creativity. It trully highlights the brands image and reinforces the message that Cartier has been portraying for over 165yrs.

According to experts at New York-based digital think tank L2, L’Odysée contributed greatly to enhancing the iconic brand’s social media presence, increasing its Facebook fan base by 61 percent, YouTube subscribers by 150 percent and unique visitor traffic to by 18 percent.

Below are some of the items featured for the winter tale.


Panther de Cartier ring can be purchased here.


Cartier Trinity Bracelet can be purchased here.


Cartier Tank Anglaise watch, can be bought here.

Live, Life, Lamour