Pearls Red hot for Christie’s in London


Magnificent jewels from the 1920s, which are characterized by simple, geometric shapes and an abundance of pearls, have been the highlight of Christie’s important London Jewelry sale, which is scheduled for June 5th.

Christie’s recently said the sale includes an “extraordinary array” of Art Deco earrings, pendants, diamonds and pearls. Jewelry produced during the 1920s and 1930s, also known as the decades during which Art Deco flourished, are extremely varied in design and was influenced both by contemporary artistic movement and the machine age, hence the use of geometric shapes such as: circles, rectangles, triangles and trapeze forms.

Christie’s also said some of the best jewelry from the Art Deco period has, arguably, never been surpassed in terms of designs and workmanship. The pieces which remain among the most sought-after jewels on the auction market today are from this time period.

Leading the June 5th sale in London is a natural pearl necklace from 1925 which is composed of three graduated rows of natural saltwater pearls. It has been estimated to sell anywhere between $512,000 to $821,000.

A pair of Art Deco natural pearl and diamond ear clips are estimated to garner as much as $14,000 while a longer, single strand of 69 graduated natural pearls is estimated to fetch between $54,000 and $70,000. Pearls were a “staple” in any jewelry collection from the 1920s, Christie’s noted. From the looks of things, many jewelry aficionados and collectors from this period will be sure to flock to this event which will be held in London.

The pieces and a lot more are set to be featured all making this excursion to London worthwhile.


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Accentuated Jewelry styles

As the new year rolls out with its slew of awards shows celebrating excellence in movies, television and music, I couldn’t help but take a keen eye to the red-carpet veterans. This was done to put into focus the hottest trends in platinum jewelry for the season.

Stylists and jewelry experts, took the major trends exhibited on the red-carpet.The main jewelry styles accentuated were primarily drop earrings, statement necklaces, color, and stacked bracelets.

Scroll down to see the trends.

1.Crazy for color. As of  late, there’s been a growing trend towards celebrities wearing colored gemstones. When gems are very intense in color and you don’t want that color changed, its usually advised to set them into platinum in order to avoid any lost in the stones brilliance. Color has the affect of allowing for alternatives in looks based on season and year.



2. The statement necklace. For sometime now,  the statement necklace haven’t been as pronounced on the Hollywood scene as it has now, but as recent as the past three awards shows i’ve seen more than my average share of statement necklaces.  This type of necklace is bursting with class and just accentuates the bearer.



3.Stacked up. The multi- stacked looked is really big once again, and when you’re stacking metal on metal, its durability alone screams that the pieces are going to be worn well.diambgl

4.Earrings, drop em’ like it’s hot. its nothing new about the major fascination with earrings. They do what they’re meant to do, which is to draw attention to the face, and big statement earrings do this. The different colors give women the opportunity from a fashion-ability standpoint to contrast her eyes or lip color with which ever gemstone she desires.



People are gravitating continuously with an overall mindset for quality, and if you’re going to have a major piece created,  you will want the best of materials being used for it.  When I’m advising clients,  in colored gemstones or diamonds,  I am usually looking at the trendiest of high-end jewelry out there.


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Shine Bright like a diamond!

DIAMONDS1As far as we’ve known and has been marketed to us, we see that diamonds has always been the rock of choice. To many its a symbol of purity, class, and love. Revered as it is, the diamonds history is something that few know or understand.

Diamonds are as some of us already know are the hardest known substance to man. In fact, Most of the diamonds mined today are used for industrial purposes and are not dedicated for jewelry making. Diamonds are actually an abundant mineral, not as rare as we are actually led to believe by traditional marketing.

Although Natural diamonds are popular, as of late, there has been a growing wave towards synthetic diamonds in the jewelry market. Interestingly enough, it has been the Queen of diamonds herself (De Beers) whom has been making more of a push into this direction. Although this move is being received with mixed feelings by the industry, it may make getting your hands on a natural diamond even less accessible.


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The ArchDuke Diamond

Wow!! is the only word that can accurately describe this diamond. The ArchDuke Joseph  is one those rare diamonds with alot of history and although being loose, managed to evade being “mysteriously” lost in the cracks of the underground market.  Recently it was sold for over $20m at Christies which is high, but hey we know two things for sure, 1. the buyers had the cash and 2. History always adds value to jewelry. Whatever your reservations maybe, any diamond meeting these specifications are very rare and fall under the category of Art.

The specs of this diamond are below:

This magnificent historic, D-color, internally flawless, Type IIA, cushion-shaped perfect white diamond weighs 76.02 carats and is believed to have been originated in the legendary diamond district of Golconda India, 400BC – 1700AD.  There are only fifty diamonds in the world from the Golconda region that weigh more than 20 carats.

The ArchDuke Joseph, timeless as well as priceless.


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