The gem of Love and of Life

The featured gemstone of the week is the Emerald, its beauty and luster can only be descibed as mesmorizing. Emeralds have throughout history been looked upon as a gem full of love and a striking symbol of life. Love becauseĀ  it has the ability to activate and stimulate the heart chakra and the deep green color for centuries have been looked upon as a meaning of constant life. The reason for such charm and mystery for the stone is primarily due to its great historical significance throughout history as a whole. Emeralds haveĀ  always been prized by the ancient Babylonians and Native Americans, loved and cherished by Cleopatra who made outstandingly popular the stunning jewelry of the Egyptians. Emeralds were also used by the Aztecs, Incas and Mayan cultures for carving, adornment and medicine. Although it has such a high esteem, its rather unfortunate that gemstones such as Emeralds dont get as much publicity as diamonds do although they are a more abundant asset. Oddly and unsurprising we in this society have been loosing our appreciation for the finer things in life although we are said to be advancing.

Below are images of different cuts of emeralds with varying levels of color, cut, clarity. This image comes with an accompanying grading scale which will be featured and posted on a future post dedicated to its explanation.

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Some of the Finest cut emeralds...Just outstanding!

Whats a clear way of accurately grading emeralds?