Developing your style!

Developing a jewelry style.
Ask yourself a few questions:

Whats appealing to my eyes?

Do I want colored gem stones or diamonds?

What outfits / accessories compliment me?

What sort of activitives am I going to be involved in?
When developing a jewelry style its important to have confidence in your personal clothing style. Such a confidence is necessary because it provides an increase in creativity which makes choosing a jewelry accessory very simple.  Its also important that the environment whether indoor or outdoor is considered when choosing a piece. The right piece will be comfortable, compliment your style, and appealing to your eyes.

As  a rule of thumb, it’s usually best to purchase the best quality and affordable basics then add on other pieces later. Such basics are: In Gold chain necklace, Classic hoop/button earrings, and bracelet. Shapes that compliment a variety of outfits. Begin with classic shapes that look appropriate with a variety of outfits, and then add pieces that offer versatility of wear or a fashion touch, such as different colors or finishes.

Jewelry suits body type

For instance, your height and bone structure play a big role in determining the kind of jewelry that looks best on you. A smaller, petite woman would be better served with necklace lengths that fall below the breast but above the waist to elongate her figure. Meanwhile, a tall, thin woman may want to select a choker that cuts the line of the neck and de-emphasizes her height. And a full-figured woman should stay away from jewelry that’s too small or delicate.

My face’s shape:

The few basic face shapes are oval/oblong, round, rectangular and heart-shaped.

If your face is oval, triangular-shaped earrings are especially flattering.

A round shape should seek elongated, dangling styles that draw the eyes down, rather than around.

A rectangular face, try jewelry that adds width, camouflaging the length of the face.

Finally for heart-shaped faces, look for earrings that are wider at the bottom, because style can soften a pointed chin look.

Things to consider when purchasing rings:

What type of hand do I have?

If you’re long-fingered, wider bands will look especially good on you.

If you’re short-fingered, thinner bands and stone shapes such as marquise or pear that elongate the hand would be a good choice.

Anyone with additional advice/comments feel free to drop a line.

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