Tiffany & Co. featured in The Great Gatsby

The much anticipated and recently released Great Gatsby film has had much of its fans drooling over the magnificent jewelry pieces worn by its stars.  Amazingly enough, the jewelry worn in the film is based on designs from the coveted Tiffany & Co. Archives.  The style of Daisy Buchanan, played by Carey Mulligan, was a wonderful representation of the glitz, glamour, and rebellion of the Roaring Twenties. Throughout the film she wore tassel necklaces and jewels with conch pearls. At lavish parties her blonde bob was accessorized with the Savoy, a headdress of diamonds and cultured pearls, and her hands were adorned with a daisy ornament and diamond rings with the renowned Tiffany setting.

“This exuberant, very decorative style [of the 1920’s] constantly comes back as a key point to designers,” Catherine Martin, costume designer of The Great Gatsby, said recently in an interview.

The leading lady isn’t the only one with dazzling accessories. Jay Gatsby, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, accessories his custom Brooks Brothers shirts with 18k gold oval cuff links. A sterling silver flask which fits easily in the pockets of his tailored linen suits and tuxedo.

The jewelry throughout this film symbolized the story’s themes of wealth and privilege. The makers were instrumental in approaching its design with the utmost care carefully keeping style and luxury in mind. Some of the pieces from the film are featured just below. Enjoy!


GGBThe Savoy (photos courtesy of Tiffany & Co. from The Great Gatsby collection)


Earrings of conch pearls and diamonds in platinum


Necklace with a 49.59 ct. emerald-cut aquamarine, diamonds, and platinum, and earrings of emerald-cut aquamarines, diamonds, and platinum

GGBRing with a cushion-cut black onyx, diamonds, and platinum


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