Hot Summer Designs

Summer is officially upon us and fortunately for us so are the hottest summer designs. Today’s post is centered around the top 10 emerging designers who will showcase their collections in the New Designer Gallery at the JA New York Summer Show this year, scheduled for this weekend at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. The JA show is the first time these designers are participating in a trade show, which marks their official introduction into the industry.


gmfldsTwin sisters Kimberly and Lucy launched Dao Fournier designed the two beauties above. The sisters have a passion for rare gemstones and grew up in the jewelry industry. The two stand by the motto that their designs are art meant to be worn by women everywhere.

gmfldsHolly Dyment is a Canadian fine jewelry designer with a background as a window display artist and graphic designer. She has a “more-is-more” approach to her jewelry, offering one-of-a-kind pieces with a bold use of color.



David Alverado of Irthly Jewelled Adornments is the son of a master jeweler who puts his education in Chinese and European philosophy into his work, resulting in jewelry representative of his world view. Alverado’s view on sustainability becoming a global value and interdependence becoming a global creed also influence his pieces.


Kendra Lawrence works primarily in sterling silver with freshwater pearls and, occasionally, gold vermeil. She strives for a minimalist aesthetic, and each piece is crafted in San Francisco using traditional fabrication and metalsmithing techniques.


gmfldsMaressa Tosto Merwarth was the winner of the American Jewelry Design Council’s 2013 New Talent Contest. Her jewelry is not about what she makes, but more the materials, processes and interaction between the artist and the wearer.


Ana Marie Radosta studied industrial design in Philadelphia, where she learned jewelry making, moving on to Pasadena, Calif. where she discovered metalsmithing. Her jewelry has been sold through museums, galleries and jewelry stores.



Rebekah Schwartz launched her brand in June 2012, and creates her pieces by hand, specializing in precious metals paired with precious and semi-precious stones. The collections reflect each environment Schwartz has lived in, from New York to Santa Fe, N.M. and Nantucket.



Robin Koffler began her career as a graphic designer and illustrator, and now creates jewelry inspired by art, nature and contemporary design. Her one-of-a-kind, 18-karat gold pieces feature hand-picked gemstones.



Orit Harel has a background in interior design and art, and now creates wearable art through jewelry. She aims to make a big, dramatic statement with her pieces, creating flamboyant one-of-a-kind pieces with gold and gemstones.



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Edgy Jewelry designs

Recently at the Las Vegas JCK jewelry show there was a competition for the edgiest designs. The edgier designers of course ruled the evening at the Couture Design Awards this past Saturday night, with two first-time exhibitors taking home a pair of awards each.

The winners included London-based Tomasz Donocik who won in the category for diamond jewelry above $20,000 as well as in the category of debuting at Couture. Alp Sagnak of Atelier Minyon, a New York-based designer, took home top honors in silver and the coveted people’s choice award.

This year’s Human Spirit Award went to designer David Yurman surprisingly, who insisted he couldn’t accept the award by himself and called to the stage the woman he called his love and his muse, his wife Cybil.

I’ve taken the liberty to feature some of the design winners below.

jckThis ring was made by Tomasz Donocik, whose ring is shown here, he won two Couture Design Awards. This was his first year exhibiting at the show.


This necklace from Arunashi won for gemstone jewelry above $20,000.


The winning design in the pearl category was from Mikimoto.


Schaffrath won the Couture Design Award for platinum with this ring.

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Engagement ring finder app: The VOW


Wedding and engagement season is soon upon us as the winter fights off its time to roll back. As this season comes into full swing, many eager brides to be anxiously start parousing through different internet jewelry stores and sites with their hopeful future husbands hinting and in search of that fairy tale engagement ring. In this day and age things have taken a slightly different turn in making this arduous and time consuming search more easily through our world of apps. Yes there’s an app for that.

In October 2012, Simon and Nelly Cohen  developed and launched their fledgling engagement ring finder app, The Vow.  When they debuted their app, the cost of creating it amounted to their entire life savings. Luckily for the longtime married couple—co-owners of Cherie Dori and the Diadori bridal lines—their nest egg investment seems to have been well-spent.  The Vow, is currently ranked in the top 50 in Apple’s Top Free Lifestyle Apps—the single most popular diamond, jewelry, and ring-finder app, ahead of the big names Blue Nile, Tiffany & Co., and even Cartier. This app is so popular that it receives roughly 3-4 thousand downloads a day!!

The Vow allows users to survey 120 Diadori bridal engagement SKUs in 3-D, while a GPS feature locates the closest of 350 participating retailers. “We’re not in the middle,” says Simon. Additionally, Diadori rewards users for sharing the app and helping to generate new leads—aka potential ring buyers—by giving points for things like posting pics of favorites to Facebook. The points eventually add up to a prize, such as a cultured pearl necklace. “All we do is uplift the brand of the store [carrying our pieces],” explains Simon.

The Cohens invested in the app after reading research which shows that ­consumers prefer shopping on apps instead of websites. (Shoppers like the speed and convenience of mobile apps, reports a March study from ­Compuware.) Now, the company has a wait list of retailers that want to be involved. “We are combining both worlds, Cyber-shopping and stores ” Simon says.




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Mother’s Day Jewelry tips!

Today’s post is of course, centered around mother’s day. What makes mother’s day so special to most people is chances are that a woman made you and that woman is your mother. No one understands unconditional love like our mothers love and Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity for us to express just how much we appreciate the first great woman in our life. For this great occasion we tend to offer the usual dinner, flowers, candy, or my favorite jewelry. Here are a few tips to help you pick a gift this Mother’s Day that she will be sure to love forever:


1. Remember that, any jewelry piece of jewelry offered should be a handmade work of art, a gift straight from your heart to hers.


A beautiful piece from ethnicharms.


2. What’s her favorite color or favorite gem?

Get her something in sapphire blue, coral red or jade green but remember that many gems come in a variety of shades to suit her specific personality.


3. Where was she born? Where has she lived?

Many states offer official gems, such as Texas with a blue topaz, Oregon with a sunstone or West Virginia with a chalcedony.

Other stones related to birth although it may seem a tired cliché are birthstones. They range from a January garnet to a December zircon and they are the classics!


4. How often does she wear jewelry?

Consider a ring or set of earrings for everyday wear; or even a bracelet or necklace for special occasions.


I found this at in this Etsy store.


5. Has mom always wanted to travel?

Bring that exotic dream vacation home to her (or remind her of one she has already taken) with fine jade or oriental pearls.

Get something exciting – something not all her friends are already wearing – something with a tiger-eye opal, a brilliant turquoise or an amazing rainbow jasper.



Happy Mother’s Day


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Oscar Heyman’s Wow!

Every now and again, I like to feature well known industry jewelers that never loose a love for the art of jewelry. Today’s featured jeweler is Oscar Heyman, for those who don’t know who they are  Ive taken the liberty of writing a brief history of the group of brothers and how they came about from their humble beginnings. Followed by images of some of their most magnificent pieces which I personally find appealing.

Oscar Heyman’s humble beginnings started with their founding brothers who were trained in the  rigorous workshops of one of the industry leaders at the time of Fabergé. Prior to leaving Eastern Europe for New York in 1906 they dreamt of a life of great insurmountable success. Just a few years later three brothers, Nathan, Oscar and Harry got together and started in 1912, what is known a great jewelry company Oscar Heyman. Equipped with their ratified skills, abiding passion for gemstones and an old world approach to gracious customer service, their course was set for them to succeed as a team.

As it has always been, the Heyman Family has run their company flawlessly for three generations, with each generation imparting centuries old skills and technical know-how to the next. Today, members of the second and third generation work side by side with dedicated and skilled employees who continue to create jewelry of the highest standards for connoisseurs, celebrities, and dignitaries around the globe. With such a high standard for their craft, its not wonder that they will continue to provide breath taking jewelry for the twenty-first century and beyond.




125 ROUND DIAMONDS 3.9 cts.


Beautiful Brooch which can be acquired here.


88 ROUND DIAMONDS 1.82 cts.

Delicious gold and platinum pansy earrings which can be acquired here.


357 ROUND DIAMONDS 10.13 cts.

Last but certainly not least, a Yummy gold and platinum fancy diamond necklace which can be purchased here.



Although this is just the tip, actually a snow flake of their vast selection of unique pieces, I certainly hope all these have peaked your interest to at least visit their site and look into them.



As always, Live, Life, Lamour,



Jewelry tip of the week!

Happy post V-Day everyone, im sure some of you are enjoying the nice valentines days jewelry additions. If your like me, between all the special holidays, birthdays and surprises, my jewelry box begins to become inundated. Luckily,  due to this weeks jewelry tip we can mitigate or at least minimize this problem. Below are some simple and easy to create jewelry organizing or storage displays. These displays may be undertaken as a very simple weekend project.
Natural Jewelry Tree
Use branches to create an organic display, perfect for hanging necklaces and earrings.

  • Step 1: Look for real or faux tree branches with plenty of sturdy offshoots usefull for hanging. Cut each branch down to your desired size, and arrange inside a glass or vase.
  • Step 2: Paint the branches for an elegant new look of your choosing, or leave the branches natural.
  • Step 3: Arrange decorative stones around the branches to keep them in place. Hang earrings, necklaces and bracelets from the branches.
jewel branch-tree - martha stewart living
Jewelry Drawer:
Convert a dresser drawer into a dedicated jewelry space using felt and a repurposed collection of decorative dishware.

  • Step 1: Measure the side of drawer to get the accurate height, so you know how tall the small bowls, dishes and teacups you will assemble can be. Look for an eclectic variety of colors and patterns.
  • Step 2: To keep dishes from sliding around, use good quality 100% wool felt to line the drawer (wool felt is more durable and resists dirt and staining). Measure the interior of the drawer and then cut and apply felt to hardboard or thick poster board using spray adhesive.
  • Step 3: Place the felt liner in the drawer and your cups and dishes on top of the lining for plenty of places to drape and hold your jewelry.
inside drawer
Hope you enjoyed this jewelry tip, be sure to enjoy, share, or add a comment to make things better.
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Tip of the week!!

Welcome back all to our Tip top Friday tip of the week. This week’s tip is regarding cleaning what has been deemed a girls best friend Diamonds. Below are some suggestions on cleaning this alluring and precious stone.


Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but they still need some love and attention to maintain that relationship. A simple home made cleaning solution can be created to bring all the sparkle back in this hard yet precious stone.

Solution ingredients:

– 1part  Ammonia

-3parts Warm water
Once the solution is created, your diamond should be soaked for 20 minutes in the solution then Gently scrubbed with a soft-bristle toothbrush. The initial soaking helps get the solution into the small hard to reach areas between the diamond and the setting it maybe in.

The next step is to remove from solution and rinse with warm water, then dry and polish with a lint free cloth. If diamonds are set in platinum, this method will also bring shine back to the setting. Avoid contact with chlorinated pools or household cleaning products containing chlorine bleach because they may discolor the mounting.

As always,

Live, Life, Lamour