Jewelry semi-secret societies


Today’s  post is primarily centered around one of the many “elite” organizations that some may view as the propeller’s of the jewelry industry. As with many secret/ invite only organizations, image and status are usually the primary factors  which ultimately determine membership. Today we will discuss the infamous  “24 Karat Club”  their vague history and contributions to the industry.

The 24 Karat Club is an elite, invitation only membership organization which  seeks to forward the growth of the jewelry industry.  This club offers an impressive list of scholarship opportunities awarded annually to deserving jewelry industry recipients throughout each of their individual chapters in the United States.

The 24 Karat Club schedules its meetings, events and functions to run concurrently with other jewelry shows which are held every year.  Their members serve as volunteers on various committees to promote the efforts of the organization.

Although there are objects of skepticism that surround organizations with with secret natures, the fact that this is 1930’s club has such a vague nature usually sends anyone’s mind running for answers. As positive an image it may portray, we must always remember that everything that glitters isn’t necessarily gold.

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Oscar Heyman’s Wow!

Every now and again, I like to feature well known industry jewelers that never loose a love for the art of jewelry. Today’s featured jeweler is Oscar Heyman, for those who don’t know who they are  Ive taken the liberty of writing a brief history of the group of brothers and how they came about from their humble beginnings. Followed by images of some of their most magnificent pieces which I personally find appealing.

Oscar Heyman’s humble beginnings started with their founding brothers who were trained in the  rigorous workshops of one of the industry leaders at the time of Fabergé. Prior to leaving Eastern Europe for New York in 1906 they dreamt of a life of great insurmountable success. Just a few years later three brothers, Nathan, Oscar and Harry got together and started in 1912, what is known a great jewelry company Oscar Heyman. Equipped with their ratified skills, abiding passion for gemstones and an old world approach to gracious customer service, their course was set for them to succeed as a team.

As it has always been, the Heyman Family has run their company flawlessly for three generations, with each generation imparting centuries old skills and technical know-how to the next. Today, members of the second and third generation work side by side with dedicated and skilled employees who continue to create jewelry of the highest standards for connoisseurs, celebrities, and dignitaries around the globe. With such a high standard for their craft, its not wonder that they will continue to provide breath taking jewelry for the twenty-first century and beyond.




125 ROUND DIAMONDS 3.9 cts.


Beautiful Brooch which can be acquired here.


88 ROUND DIAMONDS 1.82 cts.

Delicious gold and platinum pansy earrings which can be acquired here.


357 ROUND DIAMONDS 10.13 cts.

Last but certainly not least, a Yummy gold and platinum fancy diamond necklace which can be purchased here.



Although this is just the tip, actually a snow flake of their vast selection of unique pieces, I certainly hope all these have peaked your interest to at least visit their site and look into them.



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New Watch Alert HUBLOT!!!

Hublot King Power

Although to many a Hublot may be a new watch, it is a brand that has been around for over 30 years. As it gains recognition from the likes of multimillionaires and stars such as Jay-Z and its newly made ambassador Kobe Bryant, the traction it rightly deserves for its Swiss craftsmanship is quickly starting to grow.  In an effort to celebrate many milestones it has over come this past Thursday night, the Swiss watchmaker held an exclusive party on the rooftop of The Betsy South Beach Hotel in Miami to mark the launch of the King Power “Arturo Fuente” collector’s timepiece series.

The week prior to that, the brand celebrated it’s signing of NBA star Kobe Bryant as its new ambassador at another spectacular rooftop bash at The London Hotel in West Hollywood.

The King Power Arturo Fuente series came about in an effort for Hublot to mark and celebrate the 100th anniversary of the cigar brand of the same name. The custom timepiece, which comes in a humidor with 25 cigars including the rare Opus X, has a HUB4100 movement with a 42-hour power reserve and is available in ceramic or 18-karat “King” gold.

Hublot is making only a few hundred of the cigar watches, and they range in price from $20,000 to $40,000 depending on the model.



Coupled with a very innovative CEO Ricardo Guadalupe and a slew of very well known brand ambassadors such as Kobe Bryant, the Swiss Luxury Watch Brand to make a lot of waves in the industry which may eventually bump some of the well known number one’s of the top watch to have for 2013 list.


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Costco Luxury Brand!


Recently the discount warehouse chain Costco got something from Tiffany for Valentine’s Day: in the form of a  lawsuit which claims that it sold diamond engagement rings falsely marketed in stores using the jeweler’s name.

The lawsuit, filed on Thursday in Federal District Court in Manhattan, says a shopper complained to Tiffany late last year “that she was disappointed to observe that Costco was offering for sale what were promoted on in-store signs as Tiffany diamond engagement rings.”

After some investigation into the matter, the lawsuit affirmed that  Tiffany investigators found that Costco sales personnel were referring to the rings as “Tiffany rings'”. The suit says, “Tiffany has never sold nor would it ever sell its fine jewelry through an off-price warehouse retailer like Costco.”

As a result, the suit says, there are “hundreds if not thousands of people who mistakenly believe they purchased and own a Tiffany engagement ring from Costco.”

Costco public relations personnel said it had no comment.

The lawsuit says Costco stopped marketing Tiffany rings after the jeweler approached it last year.

Tiffany asked for all profits made from selling the rings, and for damages that take into account the value of the Tiffany brand in bolstering Costco’s business and gilding a move by the retailer to sell discounted luxury goods.

Luxury brands as a common practice, often sue in order to preserve their stature and prevent imitators. Prior to the Tiffany scandal, Costco took a previous fight with the Swatch Group all the way to the he United States Supreme Court over the right to sell Omega watches.

Although this is not the first time nor the last time that a company such as Costco will commit such a grave error, it is somewhat common practice in this industry for imitators to go through such lengths.

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More Jewelry Tips

Happy Friday everyone!!!  Today’s jewelry tips  are some what of a piggy back off last weeks with a few more interesting tips when deciding on pieces to buy. As always, when you find something you like, I suggest TRYING it on!
With that being said, try on every piece of jewelry before purchasing. Be sure it’s comfortable, make sure it is the right length, Can you work the clasp easily? Does it stay on? This test run is important because if a piece doesn’t fit or meet the previous requirements, you just won’t wear it.

1. Stack your bracelets.
Stacked bracelets are definitely declared the THE piece for this upcoming spring/summer season. You can wear any style you like: thin, thick, cuffed, beaded, silver, gold, bronze, NO plastic. Many trendsetters are stacking bracelets. Often it’s the same style stacked together otherwise it’s the same color in a few different styles or in a group of complimentary colors. Either way you want to wear a bracelets, that said, you’ll be a fashionista.


2. But I have a watch On!
If you don’t wear bracelets, your excuse shouldn’t be “but I wear a watch so I can’t wear a bracelet!” If that happens to be your case then wear bracelets on your other wrist or buy bracelets that are thin and will coordinate with your watch (same metal, same color).

3. Buy jewelry with neutral colors.
They’ll go well with most of your wardrobe providing you with versatility. White, greys, camels, frosts, blacks are all good neutral color choices, they are pretty good with everything. Sometimes things with 10 hues in autumnal colors will look good with a lot or look for a multi-colored piece.


4. Revisit your favorite pieces.
If there’s an expensive piece you like that’s just sitting there, take it back to the store you purchased it from and see if there’s a local designer that can redesign it for you. Most local artists will do this for small fee, they want you to be able to wear their creations. If it’s a costume piece, you can visit a craft store or a bead store which might offer such a service. Otherwise,  you can buy supplies to re-string a necklace or replace a clasp.


5. Ask Grandma for her old pieces.
Now a days, many retro and vintage styles are coming back into fashion. Take a peek at your mom’s, aunt’s or grandmother’s jewelry box. Look for enamel bracelets, Swarovski crystal necklaces, oversized earrings which are all over vogue now. You can also find great vintage jewelry at estate sales, antique fairs and thrift stores.

Bonus! Store your jewelry in an air tight container.
Oxygen is what makes sterling silver tarnish. So when you’re not wearing your jewelry, I would suggest putting  it in your jewelry box. Otherwise, a good alternative is to use a small ziplock bag.  Any brand from a grocery store is fine or even the container store has small bags in heavy plastic that are the perfect size for jewelry. To avoid the hassle of  tangling, store one necklace in one ziplock bag. Leave the clasp sticking out a bit from the zipper. This way the chain won’t tangle.

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Cool Fashion Watches

I admit, I am a fashion watch fiend. I think I like watches more than any other piece in my jewelry arsenal. What intrigues me about a fashion watch is the fact that its a perfect blend between eye candy and the functionality of a watch. In other words, you look good telling time!  Today’s post is of course about some of the best looking fashion watches that i’ve come across and some that I own.

This watch below is one of the many watches made by AARK Collective. It comes in many different colors ranging from Classic grey lead to classic white peach. They are Aussie and you can purchase this watch on their site by simply clicking here.





These beauties below are the brain children of Karl Lagerfield. The one that peeks my interest the most is the one in the middle. The band alone makes me want to get it. Its the type of watch that makes you want to stop and just tell someone the time just to show it off.


I hope these few beauties were to your liking. Be sure to peruse and give some suggestions of cool watches that you think should make my short list.

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peaceBOMB-Jewelry for a cause



Every now and again, while perusing through the shops and internet, I come across a jeweler or jewelry concept that absolutely floors me. Today’s featured concept is made by Elizabeth Suda of project peaceBOMB. Whats impressive about Suda is she has found a way to create a political statement with jewelry. Suda, a New York City-based jewelry designer created the peaceBOMB line made from bomb debris remaining from the Vietnam War. Consumers who are interested in supporting the line are able to “buy back the bomb” for only $20, which is the online purchase price of a single bracelet which clears 3 meters of bomb-littered land in Laos. Recently she has added new pieces, including hand cast charm necklaces, and many other interesting pieces to her line.

Peacebomb is the first collection and the beginning of a story. The name peaceBOMB describes exactly what their jewelry is: peace made from bombs. It is about taking a constructive approach toward a negative act for a brighter  future.

Today, they are developing more artisanal products that tell stories and give back with Article 22 of the UN UDHR as the underlying ethos of each mission driven collection.

below are some intriguing pieces from their vast collection.




If this jewelers story moves you, I urge you to support her cause.


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Year of the Snake!

Happy new year all, As some of us may have known in Chinese astrology 2013 is the Year of the Snake. Fortunately for some of us in the jewelry industry, jewelry inspired by this mysterious slithering creature has been trending lately.

While rings have an allure to be the most popular item created for their mass depiction, many designers have successfully wound the serpent into beautiful earrings, necklaces and even eye-catching bangles and bracelets. These accessories coupled with colorful gemstones often play the part of the reptile’s small beady eyes, and scales are defined by diamonds or metal texture.

Although an animal plagued by superstition and negative connotations within numerous religious genres, a piece containing a snake would make an excellent addition to anyones jewelry arsenal. If your not swayed, i’m sure some of the featured pieces from the designers or jewelry houses below will help you make that decision.


Supreme Jewelry’s snake ring is 18-karat white and rose gold with diamonds and pink sapphires ($8,800)

Supreme Jewelry’s snake ring is 18-karat white and rose gold with diamonds and pink sapphires ($8,800)

This ring can be purchased here.

Michael John Jewelry’s snake bangles, made in (from left) 18-karat rose gold with round brilliant diamonds and rubies ($16,150) and 18-karat white gold bangle with round brilliant diamonds and rubies ($16,150).

Michael John Jewelry’s snake bangles, made in (from left) 18-karat rose gold with round brilliant diamonds and rubies ($16,150) and 18-karat white gold bangle with round brilliant diamonds and rubies ($16,150).

Acquired here.

Bulgari Bracelet SERPENTI 18kt rose gold with pave diamonds.

Bulgari Bracelet SERPENTI 18kt rose gold with pave diamonds.

Acquired here.

Boucheron snake earring in 14kt white gold accented with pave diamonds and dropped black pearls.

Boucheron snake earring in 14kt white gold accented with pave diamonds and dropped black pearls.

Which can be acquired here.

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Synthetic Diamonds…to be or not to be!

Lab Grown Diamond, G color, VVS1 Clarity!

Lab Grown Diamond, G color, VVS1 Clarity!



Happy 2013 everyone! Today’s blog is regarding the growing wave of colorless synthetic diamonds. This impending wave is being received in the industry with mixed feelings. Set to debut this January at the Continental Buying Group’s show in Dallas, Texas and the American Gem Trade Association’s GemFair the following month in Tucson, a line of synthetic engagement rings will be set with center stones between ½ and 1 carat.

Chatham is just one of many companies making announcements about their growing ability to create colorless diamonds in a lab and bring them to market. Over the past few years, diamond-growing technology has improved considerably, allowing producers to emerge with larger sizes of these colorless goods.

I myself don’t like it too much due to a number of reasons which may potentially effect the industry negatively.  Aside from that although the price will only be 25% less making it a bit more affordable to everyday buyers, im abit biased on the issue. my reasons against it are highlighted below.

*The image of owning an actual diamond may deminish, since customers may not have a preference and may make their decision on price alone.

*The rarity of giving a natural diamond may increase exponentially since natural diamond prices may increase.

*It may undermine the reasons that people buy real diamonds.

Besides my sentiments above, could you imagine someone proposing with a synthetic diamond?? not me, the symbolism behind presenting a natural diamond to a future life long partner would be tarnished. Ultimately, the question remains whether a sustainable market for synthetic diamonds will come to fruition.

Live, Life, Lamour


Palladium, Whats that??

In recent years, there has been explosive growth in popularity of white metals. Over the last decade alone (particularly white gold and silver) a unique opportunity was created for palladium jewelry. Palladium is unique since it offers a more radiant white than white gold, as well as many of the desired characteristics of platinum without platinum’s spot price; which has experienced a decrease in U.S. sales as it exceeded the $1,500 mark. This recent sales trend has been strongest among the new generation of fine jewelry consumers,  73% of 18 – 24 year old adults prefer white jewelry compared to 40% in the 25 and over group.

Currently, palladium has stabilized at around $700/oz  making it irresistible even to white gold jewelry buyers.
Palladium and platinum are interchangeable in many applications as they are both noble metals with similar characteristics and usually derived from the same mines. Both share the lustrous beauty, strength and durability that have been the hallmarks of this metal class.

Although a member of the platinum family, this metal though well know in the world of jewelers, has its fair share of myths and misconceptions and the biggest one of all is that Palladium is the “poor man’s platinum.”  Unbeknownst to all palladium is rarer than gold and a member in full standing of the platinum family. Like platinum, it offers higher purity and whiter color than white gold. Last, it is nickel free and hypo-allergenic, needs no transitory rhodium plating to give it the final color, and can be cast and soldered. If anything, it’s the only answer to the dilemma of white gold for those who can only afford gold. So it would be much more accurate to call palladium the “rich man’s white gold.”

Simple hint in identifying white metals – Not all white metals are clearly stamped with their alloy composition. If that happens to be the case for you, when you receive white metal jewelry that is not easily identified, just reach for a bottle of iodine to quickly and easily identify your metal. Simply place a drop of iodine on the white metal piece and let it dry. If it dries clear, it’s platinum. If it dries black, it’s palladium. And if it dries a brownish color, it’s white gold.


An example of finished Palladium and diamond ring.

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