Mother’s Day Jewelry tips!

Today’s post is of course, centered around mother’s day. What makes mother’s day so special to most people is chances are that a woman made you and that woman is your mother. No one understands unconditional love like our mothers love and Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity for us to express just how much we appreciate the first great woman in our life. For this great occasion we tend to offer the usual dinner, flowers, candy, or my favorite jewelry. Here are a few tips to help you pick a gift this Mother’s Day that she will be sure to love forever:


1. Remember that, any jewelry piece of jewelry offered should be a handmade work of art, a gift straight from your heart to hers.


A beautiful piece from ethnicharms.


2. What’s her favorite color or favorite gem?

Get her something in sapphire blue, coral red or jade green but remember that many gems come in a variety of shades to suit her specific personality.


3. Where was she born? Where has she lived?

Many states offer official gems, such as Texas with a blue topaz, Oregon with a sunstone or West Virginia with a chalcedony.

Other stones related to birth although it may seem a tired cliché are birthstones. They range from a January garnet to a December zircon and they are the classics!


4. How often does she wear jewelry?

Consider a ring or set of earrings for everyday wear; or even a bracelet or necklace for special occasions.


I found this at in this Etsy store.


5. Has mom always wanted to travel?

Bring that exotic dream vacation home to her (or remind her of one she has already taken) with fine jade or oriental pearls.

Get something exciting – something not all her friends are already wearing – something with a tiger-eye opal, a brilliant turquoise or an amazing rainbow jasper.



Happy Mother’s Day


As always, Live, Life, Lamour,