The ArchDuke Diamond

Wow!! is the only word that can accurately describe this diamond. The ArchDuke Joseph  is one those rare diamonds with alot of history and although being loose, managed to evade being “mysteriously” lost in the cracks of the underground market.  Recently it was sold for over $20m at Christies which is high, but hey we know two things for sure, 1. the buyers had the cash and 2. History always adds value to jewelry. Whatever your reservations maybe, any diamond meeting these specifications are very rare and fall under the category of Art.

The specs of this diamond are below:

This magnificent historic, D-color, internally flawless, Type IIA, cushion-shaped perfect white diamond weighs 76.02 carats and is believed to have been originated in the legendary diamond district of Golconda India, 400BC – 1700AD.  There are only fifty diamonds in the world from the Golconda region that weigh more than 20 carats.

The ArchDuke Joseph, timeless as well as priceless.


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