Bright light on Silver Jewelry

As the price of gold remains volatile, there has been a surge in designers preferring the use of silver jewelry to gold and other precious metals. One designer in particular,  Jude Frances, has debuted a series of new silver offerings which truly peek everyone’s interests.

Besides the edgy, attention-grabbing cuffs with black rhodium and black spinel which is depicted below, the brand’s new line of jewelry also includes elegant bangles and hoops with white rhodium and white sapphires, and pendants with blue topaz and citrines.

Also pictured below is jewelry from Jude Frances’ SoHo and Laguna collections, from the company’s spring/summer 2013, fall 2013 and core silver lines.





For fall from the Laguna collection, the sterling silver Lattice stone ring features a faceted oval-shaped champagne citrine with a yellow gold bonded lattice overlay ($690).



The sterling silver Lattice eternity band features black rhodium, 18-karat yellow gold accents and faceted round black spinel ($890). The band is part of the Laguna collection.



Also from the SoHo collection, this silver and black rhodium-plated, wide pavé Flower cuff is set with faceted round black spinel ($2,890).


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Gemfields Jewelry

Recently Gemfields showcased a wealth of jewelry at the Couture show, displaying pieces from designers who incorporate Zambian emeralds, Mozambican rubies and amethysts from the Gemfields mine into their designs.

Hoorsenbuhs, Zaiken, Shaun Leane, Stephen Webster, Wendy Yue and Theo Fennel are among the designers that collaborated with Gemfields, which opened its U.S. offices last September and named well-known actress Mila Kunis as its brand ambassador in February.

Post trade issues with the Zambian government, Gemfields still unshaken by its issues, manages to put out some of its finest works. Below are some of Gemfields brighter outlook from some of its best designers.


gmfldsThese 18-karat yellow gold earrings from designer Kara Ross feature 50 carats of Zambian amethysts ($4,200).



Dickson Yewn’s 18-karat white gold ring with a 4.01-carat Mozambican ruby and diamonds ($64,800).gmfldsHoorsenbuhs’ 18-karat yellow gold cuff features 7 carats of Zambian emeralds ($75,000).



Zaiken’s 18-karat rose gold and sterling silver necklace with 5 carats of Zambian emeralds and diamonds ($29,500).

gmfldsJasmine Alexander’s 18-karat yellow gold and platinum ring with a 3.85-carat Zambian emerald (approximately $50,648).


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Jewelry Caring tips


Happy Monday everyone, today’s post is primarily on key tips which we should all do when caring for our jewelry. Although its not often done, there is a level of maintenance that we should all maintain in order for our jewelry to glow as if we just bought it. Below i’ve outline a few of the key main techniques that will keep you and your jewelry shinning.

Return of the Sparkle – Cleaning your Jewelry

To keep diamond and other jewelry looking as sparkly and brilliant as when you first bought it, I highly recommended to have it cleaned once or twice a year professionally by a jeweler who may clean the jewelry ultrasonically or with steam. Similarly, you can achieve excellent results cleaning it at home using a jewelry cloth (a flannel cloth or piece of cotton can be substituted), a jewelry brush, and simple cleaning solution.

Be mindful to check that all diamonds are secure before cleaning, otherwise pack your jewelry securely and immediately take it to your jeweler. If they are secure, use a cloth to wipe your jewelry clean and then run under the tap for a few seconds. Soak jewelry for 3-5 minutes in a solution of hot water and detergent free soap, such as dishwashing liquid. Scrub with the brush and repeat the process 2-3 times. Dry with the jewelry cloth.

For Soft and Scratchy pieces- Re-polish the Piece

Since Gold and silver are soft metals and the greater the purity the softer the metal. The bands of rings and exposed metal parts are subject to scratches from normal wear and tear. Most scratches can easily be removed by having the metal re-polished. This work should only be performed by a professional jeweler.

Rhodium Again – Re-plating the piece

White gold jewelry unbeknownst to many is actually rhodium plated and usually is a jewelry that is susceptible to wear and tear, over time this will affect the appearance of your white gold jewelry. White gold has a slightly different color to rhodium and once the rhodium plating begins to wear off, the off-white color of the white gold will begin to show through. Consequently, it may be necessary to re-plate white gold periodically, according to the appearance of the jewelry. Any reputable jeweler can re-plate white gold jewelry.

Hopefully these tips were enjoyable and fruitful in use.

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The Age of Silver!


Today’s post is primarily focused on the increasing use of silver in fine jewelry. My assumption for this newly trending phenomenon is due to the high and constantly fluctuating price of gold. Although in the past the inclusion of precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, and the like into silver jewelry were not always looked upon favorably, there are many well known silver jewelers and designers who are gaining much needed momentum from this new and growing fad.

One in particular is silver jewelry designer Cynthia Gale who recently celebrated the rebranding of her company and the launch of a new website at a party held at her Manhattan showroom. Gale’s company, formerly known as GeoArt by Cynthia Gale, through strategic re-branding is now Cynthia Gale Jewelry with a beautifully redesigned website, which has duel functions of both wholesale and e-commerce. Through a sneak peek into her site, I must say there are some very beautifully designed pieces well worth checking out.




All of which can be acquired through her site by clicking here.

Although she is not the only designer or jeweler  that is involved in properly positioning herself to take advantage of this silver revolution, in future upcoming posts, I will feature more designers which do.


As always, Live, Life, Lamour


Tip of the week!

Happy friday all, while were patiently waiting for the day to go by and finally leave our workstations. I’ve managed to put together some cleaning tips regarding metal jewelry for our tip of the week!

Here is the Tip top Friday jewelry tip of the week!

Gold needs to be soaked for about 15 minutes in a very easy-to-make solution.


Solution ingredients:

-2 cups of warm water

-6 to 10 drops of a mild dishwashing liquid such as “Joy” or ”Palmolive”  etc.

Now with your solution, gently scrub your gold with a soft-bristle toothbrush. Then rinse with warm water and dry with a soft cloth.

Remember to avoid wearing gold earrings in the shower because soap will dull the gold and also avoid wearing them in swimming pools because chlorine can discolor the metal.


Silver should be rinsed in warm water and patted dry. If silver jewelry is tarnished, use a silver-polishing cloth or a jar of silver-cleaning fluid. Silver-cleaner won’t harm gold or platinum, but it won’t clean them either.

For jewelry with intricate designs, use a silver-cleaning paste which can get into small crevices. Don’t use a toothbrush or other abrasive cleaners because they will scratch the silver. Wipe with a clean soft cloth.

Silver shouldn’t be worn in pools because the chlorine can cause pitting. Pitting is the erosion or formation of little holes that results from silver touching chlorine.

Hope these simple yet applicable tips were helpful for you.

As always,

Live, Life, Lamour