Bright light on Silver Jewelry

As the price of gold remains volatile, there has been a surge in designers preferring the use of silver jewelry to gold and other precious metals. One designer in particular,  Jude Frances, has debuted a series of new silver offerings which truly peek everyone’s interests.

Besides the edgy, attention-grabbing cuffs with black rhodium and black spinel which is depicted below, the brand’s new line of jewelry also includes elegant bangles and hoops with white rhodium and white sapphires, and pendants with blue topaz and citrines.

Also pictured below is jewelry from Jude Frances’ SoHo and Laguna collections, from the company’s spring/summer 2013, fall 2013 and core silver lines.





For fall from the Laguna collection, the sterling silver Lattice stone ring features a faceted oval-shaped champagne citrine with a yellow gold bonded lattice overlay ($690).



The sterling silver Lattice eternity band features black rhodium, 18-karat yellow gold accents and faceted round black spinel ($890). The band is part of the Laguna collection.



Also from the SoHo collection, this silver and black rhodium-plated, wide pavé Flower cuff is set with faceted round black spinel ($2,890).


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Chopard jewelry heist!


Although unfortunate, jewelry heists are one of my favorite stories to read about. As shocking as it may seem, these quite carefully planned criminal acts only succeed with a lot of planning to be rewarded with a handsome stash of jewels.

It may sounds very much like the plot of a Hollywood thriller but tonight while a fancy jewelry company was hosting a ball at the Cannes Festival,  thieves broke into a company employees’ hotel room and stole roughly $1 million worth of jewelry. This unfortunate tuurn of events occured as the representative of Chopard, the Swiss-based watch and jewellery company, left the jewelry stash in a safe in his room at the Novotel Hotel in Cannes as he attended a late-night gala at a much more luxurious hotel just across town. Upon his return, he noticed that the  thieves had ripped a safe from the wall of his room.

French police said the Chopard gala lasted until 5 a.m. and strongly believe the burglary happened around 2.30 a.m. They also do not believe this was a solo job and deduced they knew exactly what they were doing.

In another twist of irony, a film with a similar plot had just been screened at Cannes. Sofia Coppola’s “The Bling Ring” which is about a celebrity-obsessed teenagers  in Los Angeles who follow movie stars online and break into their homes while they are at public events. The film is based on a real gang of teens who broke into the home Paris Hilton and other stars.

Chopard doesn’t just make jewels. They also make the Oscar-like trophies for the Cannes film festival, the crystal and gold Palme d’Or. Festival officials all say the that the Palme’s are safe.


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Jewelry Caring tips


Happy Monday everyone, today’s post is primarily on key tips which we should all do when caring for our jewelry. Although its not often done, there is a level of maintenance that we should all maintain in order for our jewelry to glow as if we just bought it. Below i’ve outline a few of the key main techniques that will keep you and your jewelry shinning.

Return of the Sparkle – Cleaning your Jewelry

To keep diamond and other jewelry looking as sparkly and brilliant as when you first bought it, I highly recommended to have it cleaned once or twice a year professionally by a jeweler who may clean the jewelry ultrasonically or with steam. Similarly, you can achieve excellent results cleaning it at home using a jewelry cloth (a flannel cloth or piece of cotton can be substituted), a jewelry brush, and simple cleaning solution.

Be mindful to check that all diamonds are secure before cleaning, otherwise pack your jewelry securely and immediately take it to your jeweler. If they are secure, use a cloth to wipe your jewelry clean and then run under the tap for a few seconds. Soak jewelry for 3-5 minutes in a solution of hot water and detergent free soap, such as dishwashing liquid. Scrub with the brush and repeat the process 2-3 times. Dry with the jewelry cloth.

For Soft and Scratchy pieces- Re-polish the Piece

Since Gold and silver are soft metals and the greater the purity the softer the metal. The bands of rings and exposed metal parts are subject to scratches from normal wear and tear. Most scratches can easily be removed by having the metal re-polished. This work should only be performed by a professional jeweler.

Rhodium Again – Re-plating the piece

White gold jewelry unbeknownst to many is actually rhodium plated and usually is a jewelry that is susceptible to wear and tear, over time this will affect the appearance of your white gold jewelry. White gold has a slightly different color to rhodium and once the rhodium plating begins to wear off, the off-white color of the white gold will begin to show through. Consequently, it may be necessary to re-plate white gold periodically, according to the appearance of the jewelry. Any reputable jeweler can re-plate white gold jewelry.

Hopefully these tips were enjoyable and fruitful in use.

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Mother’s Day Jewelry tips!

Today’s post is of course, centered around mother’s day. What makes mother’s day so special to most people is chances are that a woman made you and that woman is your mother. No one understands unconditional love like our mothers love and Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity for us to express just how much we appreciate the first great woman in our life. For this great occasion we tend to offer the usual dinner, flowers, candy, or my favorite jewelry. Here are a few tips to help you pick a gift this Mother’s Day that she will be sure to love forever:


1. Remember that, any jewelry piece of jewelry offered should be a handmade work of art, a gift straight from your heart to hers.


A beautiful piece from ethnicharms.


2. What’s her favorite color or favorite gem?

Get her something in sapphire blue, coral red or jade green but remember that many gems come in a variety of shades to suit her specific personality.


3. Where was she born? Where has she lived?

Many states offer official gems, such as Texas with a blue topaz, Oregon with a sunstone or West Virginia with a chalcedony.

Other stones related to birth although it may seem a tired cliché are birthstones. They range from a January garnet to a December zircon and they are the classics!


4. How often does she wear jewelry?

Consider a ring or set of earrings for everyday wear; or even a bracelet or necklace for special occasions.


I found this at in this Etsy store.


5. Has mom always wanted to travel?

Bring that exotic dream vacation home to her (or remind her of one she has already taken) with fine jade or oriental pearls.

Get something exciting – something not all her friends are already wearing – something with a tiger-eye opal, a brilliant turquoise or an amazing rainbow jasper.



Happy Mother’s Day


As always, Live, Life, Lamour,


More Jewelry Tips

Happy Friday everyone!!!  Today’s jewelry tips  are some what of a piggy back off last weeks with a few more interesting tips when deciding on pieces to buy. As always, when you find something you like, I suggest TRYING it on!
With that being said, try on every piece of jewelry before purchasing. Be sure it’s comfortable, make sure it is the right length, Can you work the clasp easily? Does it stay on? This test run is important because if a piece doesn’t fit or meet the previous requirements, you just won’t wear it.

1. Stack your bracelets.
Stacked bracelets are definitely declared the THE piece for this upcoming spring/summer season. You can wear any style you like: thin, thick, cuffed, beaded, silver, gold, bronze, NO plastic. Many trendsetters are stacking bracelets. Often it’s the same style stacked together otherwise it’s the same color in a few different styles or in a group of complimentary colors. Either way you want to wear a bracelets, that said, you’ll be a fashionista.


2. But I have a watch On!
If you don’t wear bracelets, your excuse shouldn’t be “but I wear a watch so I can’t wear a bracelet!” If that happens to be your case then wear bracelets on your other wrist or buy bracelets that are thin and will coordinate with your watch (same metal, same color).

3. Buy jewelry with neutral colors.
They’ll go well with most of your wardrobe providing you with versatility. White, greys, camels, frosts, blacks are all good neutral color choices, they are pretty good with everything. Sometimes things with 10 hues in autumnal colors will look good with a lot or look for a multi-colored piece.


4. Revisit your favorite pieces.
If there’s an expensive piece you like that’s just sitting there, take it back to the store you purchased it from and see if there’s a local designer that can redesign it for you. Most local artists will do this for small fee, they want you to be able to wear their creations. If it’s a costume piece, you can visit a craft store or a bead store which might offer such a service. Otherwise,  you can buy supplies to re-string a necklace or replace a clasp.


5. Ask Grandma for her old pieces.
Now a days, many retro and vintage styles are coming back into fashion. Take a peek at your mom’s, aunt’s or grandmother’s jewelry box. Look for enamel bracelets, Swarovski crystal necklaces, oversized earrings which are all over vogue now. You can also find great vintage jewelry at estate sales, antique fairs and thrift stores.

Bonus! Store your jewelry in an air tight container.
Oxygen is what makes sterling silver tarnish. So when you’re not wearing your jewelry, I would suggest putting  it in your jewelry box. Otherwise, a good alternative is to use a small ziplock bag.  Any brand from a grocery store is fine or even the container store has small bags in heavy plastic that are the perfect size for jewelry. To avoid the hassle of  tangling, store one necklace in one ziplock bag. Leave the clasp sticking out a bit from the zipper. This way the chain won’t tangle.

As always, Live, Life, Lamour,


Jewelry tip of the week!

Happy post V-Day everyone, im sure some of you are enjoying the nice valentines days jewelry additions. If your like me, between all the special holidays, birthdays and surprises, my jewelry box begins to become inundated. Luckily,  due to this weeks jewelry tip we can mitigate or at least minimize this problem. Below are some simple and easy to create jewelry organizing or storage displays. These displays may be undertaken as a very simple weekend project.
Natural Jewelry Tree
Use branches to create an organic display, perfect for hanging necklaces and earrings.

  • Step 1: Look for real or faux tree branches with plenty of sturdy offshoots usefull for hanging. Cut each branch down to your desired size, and arrange inside a glass or vase.
  • Step 2: Paint the branches for an elegant new look of your choosing, or leave the branches natural.
  • Step 3: Arrange decorative stones around the branches to keep them in place. Hang earrings, necklaces and bracelets from the branches.
jewel branch-tree - martha stewart living
Jewelry Drawer:
Convert a dresser drawer into a dedicated jewelry space using felt and a repurposed collection of decorative dishware.

  • Step 1: Measure the side of drawer to get the accurate height, so you know how tall the small bowls, dishes and teacups you will assemble can be. Look for an eclectic variety of colors and patterns.
  • Step 2: To keep dishes from sliding around, use good quality 100% wool felt to line the drawer (wool felt is more durable and resists dirt and staining). Measure the interior of the drawer and then cut and apply felt to hardboard or thick poster board using spray adhesive.
  • Step 3: Place the felt liner in the drawer and your cups and dishes on top of the lining for plenty of places to drape and hold your jewelry.
inside drawer
Hope you enjoyed this jewelry tip, be sure to enjoy, share, or add a comment to make things better.
Live, Life, Lamour

7 Jewelry styling tips to follow!

jewellery-accessorising-tips-glamourWhen accessorising for clothes, the type of jewelry we are pairing with plays an integral part in our look.  All too often, we make certain errors that costs us our  image without even knowing it. Below i’ve highlighted seven important tips that will help guide all of us in properly accessorising for whatever occasion we embark on.

Here are some tips that I  usually go by when accessorising for clothes:

1. Always evaluate what’s appropriate for the occasion. Decide whether it should it be flashy and fun Or just something simple with elegance. Whatever the case, don’t wear anything very large or overly colorful.

2. Be mindful that the color of the jewelry matches the color of the clothing. Its not only just about the look, but it also has to appear that you are fashionably inept.

3. Be sure that colors are complementary (e.g., red and green).

4. Be mindful that some colors are universal and look great with others (e.g., silver, black, gold, white, and brown can be paired with almost anything).

5. Be aware of the neckline of the clothing, this may help determine the length of earrings and whether or not you wear a necklace.

– If you wear a top or a dress with a plunging neckline, you might want to wear a necklace. If it doesn’t show a lot of skin, it won’t be always necessary to wear a necklace; just wear larger earrings.

6. If you have long hair and are wearing your hair down, larger earrings are necessary to help you stand out. Wearing your hair up gives an overall better view of the earrings.

7. Clothing and jewelry should have a certain harmony. This harmony is appealing to the eye, but don’t overdo it.  This also goes for all other accessories (e.g., purses: Its not advised to wear a giant purse with a little black dress. A more tasteful choice would be to go with a small sophisticated clutch instead).

As we all know, not all jewelry was created equal and much of it should not have even made it into stores. Either way have fun with fashion and boycott the ugly stuff along with me!

Happy Styling!!

Live, Life, Lamour