Tacori Jewelry!

Today’s  post is primarily a showcase of some of  my favorites from Tacori jewelry. They have been very instrumental in fusing classic glamour with subtle hints of  modern sophistication. Honestly with a formula such as theirs, its no wonder they have acquired the world renowned popularity which they’ve been able to have. Being a personal fan of statement jewelry, it always intrigues me at how many designers have the ability to grasp the attentions of seasoned professionals such as myself time and time again.

I had the liberty of being able to take a peak into their most recent collection which is ideally dubbed “The Vault”. This Tacori collection is one that features one-of-a-kind platinum designs that have been worn to major Hollywood awards ceremonies such as the Academy Awards and the Emmys.

VaultEThese beautiful dropped earrings feature strands of white gold embedded with brilliant diamonds which cascade down from white gold and diamond embedded chandelier tops. They can be acquired or better viewed here.



This exquisite necklace features elegant diamonds which create the precious petals on this fabulously floral pendant enhancer in a feminine, sexy shade of pink-purple Rose Amethyst. With luscious 18k pink gold details, this botanical beauty is a centerpiece of a stunning look. Also available by simply clicking here.


These earring are certainly due to be the highlight of any evening no matter the season. These incredible scarlet showstoppers with a natural edge feature a set of Rutilated Quartz that add a raw (je ne sais quois) look which make these diamond-crescent framed earrings luscious, glittering, and utterly wearable works of art. They can be seen for purchase or perusal here.



As always, Live, Life, Lamour,