Smash and Grab Jewelry heist


Recently, there has been a constant wave of jewelry heists. Most recently, police have been searching for a group of thieves who made off with more than $100,000 worth of jewelry in a brazen smash-and-grab robbery at a Kay Jewelers in Livermore, Calif. Despite the fact that much of the robbery has been caught on surveillance video, the police have not been able to identify the thieves, who got in and out of the store in only four minutes early Monday morning and are still on the loose.

Surveillance video released by the Livermore Police Department shows the three suspects crashing a vehicle through metal security doors at Kay Jewelers in the recently opened Livermore Premium Outlets. The footage also shows the masked and hooded thieves storming through the jewelry store, smashing open display cases with sledge hammers and taking as much merchandize as they could get their hands on in the short time.

“They tried to open several cases, and took whatever they could,” Livermore Police Department’s Lt. Mike Trudeau said. Within four minutes the robbers had looted the store and were well on their way.

Mall security, which is located on the opposite end of the building, arrived on the scene just as the thieves were making their getaway, and were only able to give a description of the vehicles, the police spokesman said.

“There is on-site security that is there 24 hours a day. They were on the other side of the mall when this occurred and did identify the two get-away vehicles as a white station wagon and a tan sedan,” Trudeau said. “We don’t have any suspects at this point in the investigation.”

Trudeau declined to comment on other specifics regarding the on-going investigation.

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Suzanne Belperron’s Jewelry Legacy


Today’s post highlights the life and some of the great works of Suzanne Belperron.

Suzanne is a Parisian jeweler, she began working in 1919 at age 19, and continued without stopping for the next 56 years. She died in 1983. Her life and career spanned the modern movement in the arts, feminism and the emergence of fashion as a big business.

Elegant and audacious, she pioneered a new aesthetic style in jewelry, yet never sought recognition. Despite her discovery by the cognoscenti of style, her celebration by the fashion press, and her profound influence over the rest of the 20th Century’s jewelry design, her name is still not as known today. When the Duchess of Windsor’s jewelry was auctioned in 1987, only 5 of 16 Belperron pieces were tentatively identified. She was once asked why she never signed her work, Madame Belperron replied: “My style is my signature.”

What set her apart from her peers was the fact that she drew on motifs from a range of cultures—African, Cambodian, Celtic, Egyptian, Indian, Mayan—and created a daring new look which was hailed as both “brilliant” and “raw.”





Belperron’s designs are so unique containing elements that are bold, playful, and anti-ornamental that they tend to strip away one’s average assumptions about jewelry. Her sculptural shapes anticipated modern design, like Chanel, she showed that high style could come from unfancy elements.


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Say Yes! A love story

After sharing her wonderful love story, a south Florida woman became the proud owner of an $11,000 pair of Erica Courtney earrings. In the story of the ups and downs of her relationship–including her fiancé’s unique proposal–for Jewelers Mutual’s “Everlasting Love” contest winnings went to her.

To enter this unique contest, contestants were asked to share what everlasting love meant to them on the contest’s website between April 30 and May 21. Americans voted on the entries and narrowed the field to just five finalists. Jewelers Mutual and Courtney herself then chose the winner based on creativity, originality, and representation of everlasting love.

Ariela Yasova shared the story of her and her fiancé Matthew’s relationship in a story titled, “For Better or Worse, We’re Always Together.”

The couple’s courtship began as a long-distance relationship, which then followed with a medical crisis–two members of Matthew’s family were diagnosed with cancer–that led them to the realization of just how strong their relationship was.

A short time later, Matthew took his girlfriend on her fist Ferris wheel ride and when the car got “stuck” at the top, Matthew pulled out his cell phone loaded with music which reminded him of his girlfriend Yasova and then proposed. She said yes.

The couple’s story received over 1,700 views on the contest website and 379 votes, enough to make them a top five finalist and eventually be chosen as the contest winner.

The pair said one of the first things they will do with their new earrings is get them insured.


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Gemfields Jewelry

Recently Gemfields showcased a wealth of jewelry at the Couture show, displaying pieces from designers who incorporate Zambian emeralds, Mozambican rubies and amethysts from the Gemfields mine into their designs.

Hoorsenbuhs, Zaiken, Shaun Leane, Stephen Webster, Wendy Yue and Theo Fennel are among the designers that collaborated with Gemfields, which opened its U.S. offices last September and named well-known actress Mila Kunis as its brand ambassador in February.

Post trade issues with the Zambian government, Gemfields still unshaken by its issues, manages to put out some of its finest works. Below are some of Gemfields brighter outlook from some of its best designers.


gmfldsThese 18-karat yellow gold earrings from designer Kara Ross feature 50 carats of Zambian amethysts ($4,200).



Dickson Yewn’s 18-karat white gold ring with a 4.01-carat Mozambican ruby and diamonds ($64,800).gmfldsHoorsenbuhs’ 18-karat yellow gold cuff features 7 carats of Zambian emeralds ($75,000).



Zaiken’s 18-karat rose gold and sterling silver necklace with 5 carats of Zambian emeralds and diamonds ($29,500).

gmfldsJasmine Alexander’s 18-karat yellow gold and platinum ring with a 3.85-carat Zambian emerald (approximately $50,648).


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FED Jewelry Bargain auctions

Ever wonder when the Government seized goods such as jewelry will be auctioned? Well todays post provides this information. When things from seized lots are auctioned, rest assured, the items have been appraised and are sure to come at a bargain price.

As soon as tomorrow, June 1st, the U.S. Marshals Service will be auctioning more than 300 lots of gold and silver bullion’s and coins, loose diamonds, fine jewelry and watches which at some point were connected to federal criminal cases in an auction which is scheduled to take place amid the jewelry shows in Las Vegas.

The auction, which will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, also will offer a live simulcast on the web here at 10 a.m. PST for those who for one reason or another cannot attend in person but would like to bid on these prized items.

Several times a year, the U.S. Marshals consolidate pieces which were seized in connection with criminal cases nationwide and holds these large auctions. Fortunately proceeds generated from these auctions are used to compensate victims of crimes and supplement law enforcement programs.

Our sources have informed us that some of the lots to be offered in Saturday’s auction include a rare 4.9-carat diamond with a starting bid of just over $15,000, a diamond bracelet starting at $11,500 and a Rolex watch starting at $145,000 just for starters.

Additional lots, including images, can be found here.




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Pearls Red hot for Christie’s in London


Magnificent jewels from the 1920s, which are characterized by simple, geometric shapes and an abundance of pearls, have been the highlight of Christie’s important London Jewelry sale, which is scheduled for June 5th.

Christie’s recently said the sale includes an “extraordinary array” of Art Deco earrings, pendants, diamonds and pearls. Jewelry produced during the 1920s and 1930s, also known as the decades during which Art Deco flourished, are extremely varied in design and was influenced both by contemporary artistic movement and the machine age, hence the use of geometric shapes such as: circles, rectangles, triangles and trapeze forms.

Christie’s also said some of the best jewelry from the Art Deco period has, arguably, never been surpassed in terms of designs and workmanship. The pieces which remain among the most sought-after jewels on the auction market today are from this time period.

Leading the June 5th sale in London is a natural pearl necklace from 1925 which is composed of three graduated rows of natural saltwater pearls. It has been estimated to sell anywhere between $512,000 to $821,000.

A pair of Art Deco natural pearl and diamond ear clips are estimated to garner as much as $14,000 while a longer, single strand of 69 graduated natural pearls is estimated to fetch between $54,000 and $70,000. Pearls were a “staple” in any jewelry collection from the 1920s, Christie’s noted. From the looks of things, many jewelry aficionados and collectors from this period will be sure to flock to this event which will be held in London.

The pieces and a lot more are set to be featured all making this excursion to London worthwhile.


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Mother’s Day Jewelry tips!

Today’s post is of course, centered around mother’s day. What makes mother’s day so special to most people is chances are that a woman made you and that woman is your mother. No one understands unconditional love like our mothers love and Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity for us to express just how much we appreciate the first great woman in our life. For this great occasion we tend to offer the usual dinner, flowers, candy, or my favorite jewelry. Here are a few tips to help you pick a gift this Mother’s Day that she will be sure to love forever:


1. Remember that, any jewelry piece of jewelry offered should be a handmade work of art, a gift straight from your heart to hers.


A beautiful piece from ethnicharms.


2. What’s her favorite color or favorite gem?

Get her something in sapphire blue, coral red or jade green but remember that many gems come in a variety of shades to suit her specific personality.


3. Where was she born? Where has she lived?

Many states offer official gems, such as Texas with a blue topaz, Oregon with a sunstone or West Virginia with a chalcedony.

Other stones related to birth although it may seem a tired cliché are birthstones. They range from a January garnet to a December zircon and they are the classics!


4. How often does she wear jewelry?

Consider a ring or set of earrings for everyday wear; or even a bracelet or necklace for special occasions.


I found this at in this Etsy store.


5. Has mom always wanted to travel?

Bring that exotic dream vacation home to her (or remind her of one she has already taken) with fine jade or oriental pearls.

Get something exciting – something not all her friends are already wearing – something with a tiger-eye opal, a brilliant turquoise or an amazing rainbow jasper.



Happy Mother’s Day


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